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The Killing Hand Lyrics

<b>I. The Observance</b>

An Angel's kiss now fallen
Descending scarlet cuts the sky
Faded names left on the wall
Honor the fighting leave life to

Remembered is the sacrifice but
No praisal of blood still flowing
Who were the leaders?
what controlled the Killing Hand
that caused this mourning?

Crossing over...

<b>II. Ancient Renewal</b>

Lowered deep into the sea
Being a waits to cleanse his soul
senses weakening time is still
Motionless by stiffening cold

The wheels race back and
Scorch his mind
Travelling all to find the land
Revelation warms a touch
And now he will begin to

<b>III. The Stray Seed</b>

Extended a view to yesterday
Manifestation for none the same
Walking amidst a frightening still
No sound, no smoke, no scorching

He is risen...

Sipping his poison the raven sings
Yet another to add more bodies
King from below
this one controls
the Killing Hand that caused this

Is it all over?

<b>IV. Thorns</b>

Evil genius this secret plan
Mercy dealt with the losing hand
Will he ever fall?
Can he end it all?
Our savior must make his stand

Only a Propher of years to come
Wanting mortality I'm all alone
He heard my voice
It was my choice
I've stopped the Killing Hand

<b>V. Exodus</b>

When I go back again
Will it be the same?
I've stopped the cries
But now they know my name

The sea is calling me
my spirit must return
As I get closer,
was it really worth
what I have learned?

I'm in the valley
And the saddened chimes I hear
Race towards the wall to find
one more name appears

No one is left now
my one and only land
I laugh at what I've done
I am the Killing Hand
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Apr 08, 2004
14 Meanings
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Petrucci wrote it as a sort of Twilight Zone story about war, in which the main character witnesses all these atrocities and sees the names of the dead on a wall. He then realizes it had been him the whole time causing the atrocities... Then he sees his own name on the wall.

But as always, this is open to interpertation by the listener.

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One of the best Dream Theater songs ever. The lyrics are just beautiful.

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Damn, when Thorns comes in this song gets even better. Great song.

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I recently revisited this song. Watched its version from the WDADRU DVD - an extended version with an instrumental section of the band together and then a solo from petrucci. EXCELLENT STUFF! :D

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I really dislike the WDADRU version. James' vocals are terrible in it. The Live at the Marquee or WDADU ones are brilliant.

Now listening to the version from The Show That Stumped Them All. It's sounding good =)

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The live at the Marquee version does sound nice. Havnet heard of the WDADRU version. Or these other versions, should look into it.

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"I really dislike the WDADRU version. James' vocals are terrible in it. The Live at the Marquee or WDADU ones are brilliant."

You're wront. In WDADU it wasn't James the vocalist yet, it was Charlie Dominici. He was replaced by James Labrie after WDADU and James started in Images and Words as vocalist of DT.

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Edit: Never mind, my bad, I didn't saw "WDADRU". I thought you were talking of WDADR (the album himself).

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anyone know whos playing the intro with petrucci? I hear a second guitar finger picking.

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"anyone know whos playing the intro with petrucci? I hear a second guitar finger picking."

It's Jordan Rudess playing his keyboard with a guitar sound

Are you kidding? Jordan Rudess wasn't even in LTE when WDADU was made... and I don't think that Moore did anything to make guitar sounds in the intro, anyways.

I'm obviously talking about the live version. On the album, all guitars are from Petrucci.

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