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I Hope She Comes Around Lyrics

I’ve given all I can
But all I get for giving all I’ve got
Is knowing how in love I am
And how strong I’m not
She knows the way I feel
Sometimes it feels like I’m breaking ground
But she can’t believe that I’m for real
I hope she comes around

I try to have faith in us
Say it’ll all work out
I try to keep my spirits up
While my defenses are all down
I try to rely on luck
But I know it may be running out
And all I can do now
Is hope she comes around

I’ve waited all I can
The silent phone is a lonely sound
It’s making me a lonely man
I hope she comes around


I dream of holding her
I close my eyes and she’s here somehow
So I’ll let the porch light burn
I hope she comes around

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Sep 14, 2002
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