jogging they said it may improve your mental health but happiness? keep it to youself. god forbig you'd overcome, god forbid they're want you to move on. while the radio sings "you're not the only one". with worn out eyes i fade from the headlights. while you drop into those leather pants so tight. forget the scenes, the faces, the public disgrace. everything will change by never changing. within reach but out of breath, out of touch but forever swimming in this mess. all the hip kids wail in the cold, sucking the dying wounds of this town's dying soul. put on your punk belt and rock it for all the square cools. your city plans, your grids and dead ends spread sheets, sweaty hands and fancy laughs. get on your knees, i want to see blood and roses cutting at those feet. all under heaven trading in speculation and disease. all the hip kids wail in the cold bluffing to dying sounds of indie rock's dying soul. put on your punk belt and rock it for all the square cools. some called it suicide when she fell to the street from 18 stories high, some called it a sad, desparate way to die. but no one around here was saying anything that gave her a reason to try. choking on tears as you kiss hard on the mouth. a backwash of teeth enough to make your eyes fall out. we crawled up from your city streets. "i dare the divine to come and find me!" "baby be sweet!" sang with a sigh. a chorus of white belts met at the front lines. "where's it you think you will go?" "stay right here" "there's nothing out there for you to know" pay no mind, they'll just stunt your growth. all the hip kids wail in the cold, making out to the dying sounds of this town's dying soul. put on your punk belt and rock it for all the square cools. out of touch but within reach. this is not where you'll always be. someone somewhere will always sing the words you need.

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Covered With Hair song meanings
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    "this is not where you'll always be. someone somewhere will always sing the words you need."

    juno is fucking incredible. their music and lyrics are are so intricate and beautiful.

    forEsmeon April 19, 2004   Link
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    this song has got some seriously amazing lyrics. especially the before mentioned ending lines and

    "some called it a sad, desparate way to die. but no one around here was saying anything that gave her a reason to try."

    so true and powerful. juno is so underrated its frusturating.

    matt0009on May 24, 2005   Link

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