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Stoned Immaculate Lyrics

I tell you this,
No eternal reward will forgive is now
For wasting the dawn.

Back in those days,
Everything was simpler and more confused.
One summer night, going to the pier,
I ran into two young girls.
The blonde was called Freedom,
The dark one, Enterprise.
We talked and they told me this story:

Now listen to this,
I'll tell you about Texas Radio and the Big Beat.
Soft driven slow and mad,
Like some new language.

Reaching your head
With the cold, sudden fury
Of a divine messenger.
Let me tell you about heartache
And the loss of god.
Wondering, wondering
In hopeless night.
Out here in the perimeter
There are no stars,
Out here we is stoned
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I really like this song, but I don't get it whatsoever. Jim Morrison had some crazy material, and if anyone can explain this song for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

@MrMojoRisin5552 “I wanna tell you about Texas radio and the big beat” is referring to high power Mexican border blaster radio stations that blasted Texas in the 1950s. Not restricted by American regulations, said stations could have up to 250 kilowatts. Morrison and Manzarek both heard Wolfman Jack on one of these. “ Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god“ refers to loneliness in a life that at times seems to go on forever. When everything seems meaningless and you end up losing even your faith because of this. Jim seems to be referring to...

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maybe Jim is telling from the past on up.

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This song seems to be about an acid trip he had.

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Texas Radio he refers to is the HF radio stations you could here broadcasting from Mexico.

I tell you this, No eternal reward will forgive is now For wasting the dawn.

Well what's the eternal reward? To him death I would say. But maybe he's just talking about the after life and how you won't be rewarded for wasting life (the dawn)

I could probably figure out the rest but I don't feel like putting the time and effort. But that's how you have think with his writing, he likes a lot of metaphors I think.

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Well, not sure about the meaning of the entire song. But the first line of the song has been my personal credo for some time: "No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn". This can be interpreted on my many levels, large and small. But in my small world I use it to motivate myself to take advantage of every day of my life, to tackle life's challenges, to be grateful and appreciative, because somewhere, someone has it tougher than me. Simply put, you will reap no benefits or rewards in life if you sit on your ass all day whining and complaining and feeling sorry for yourself. Basically, the sun will rise each morning and if you waste the opportunity to at least try and make something of with your life.....you will not be rewarded with whatever you feel you may deserve.

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Fein Mess you're my coda, the shill, from where are you from?" I could probably figure out the rest but I don't feel like putting the time and effort." ?????????????????????

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this song, and the wasp, both break down to "don't waste your life"

no eternal reward is heaven, or the afterlife, and wasting the dawn refers to not living your life to its fullest to ensure that you get an eternal reward

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Hey. I had to post this.

I think he's making a reference to Freidriche Nietzsche in a few parts of this song. I know that Jim was a huge fan of Nietzsche and wrote many songs in reference to this.

First, his reference to no eternal reward will forgive us now refers to the fact that there is no heaven/hell in Nietzsche's view. And whether there is or not is ultimately irrelevant to N. and Jim because it's inexcusable for wasting life.

Second, and the more important tip, is his reference to the death of God. Nietzsche is famous for saying, "God is dead." What he means by this is that God can no longer be a valid source for our values in a modern society. Instead, things such as freedom (which is the responsibility of all humans) and enterprise (perhaps a reference to the Will to Power) are driving forces in the wake of the death of God.

Other references could be made to Nietzsche's book on music or his statements of the abyss (the whole song sounds absymal), but I feel like I'm reaching with those. And quite possibly, he may be taking portions of Nietzsche's theory and mixing them in with stoned visions.

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