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Dawn's Highway Lyrics

"Me and my mother and father -
and a grandmother and a grandfather -
were driving through the desert,
at dawn, and a truck load of Indian workers
had either hit another car, or just -
I don't know what happened -
but there were Indians scattered
all over the highway, bleeding to death.

So the car pulls up and stops.
That was the first time I tasted fear.
I must've been about four -
like a child is like a flower,
his head is just floating in the breeze, man.

The reaction I get now thinking about it,
looking back - is that the souls,
or the ghosts, of those dead Indians,
maybe one or two of them,
were just running around freaking out,
and just leaped into my soul.

And they're still in there."
5 Meanings
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HOw did none of you doors fans not comment on this? This is Jim Morrison saying where it all began man I mean c'mon.

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this recording chills me. listen to in at night, in darkness, with only silence surrounding you.. i actually get quivers, feeling as though i understand exactly what he means by leaped into his soul.. i love it. jim morrison= genius ♥

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Jim Morrison did actually witness a car accident as a small child involving Native American Indians out in the desert. Whether Jim actually believed that there was Indigenous American souls running around in his head is a topic for debate.

My Interpretation
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He's also commenting on how impressionable children can be. One event can create a person. Especially if it happens to him or her at an extremely young age.

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In a couple of his songs, (Peace Frog, Ghost song) he mentions this quote, "Indians scattered on dawns highway bleeding, Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile, eggshell mind."

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