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Seriously Lyrics

we mean business
when we bout this
we aint monotonous
when we rock this
we take it seriously
aint no mystery
we notchin one in history
see its literally lyrically serious

this is mind penetration
through rhyme concentrated
word use administration
and abrasive education
sixth sense illumination
on reconciliation
put the cross placement
with the cross over placement
so cautiously
i approach the mic without apostasy
its costing me
every proper due from fellow emcees
but these be
more than just rhymes and punch lines to me
seriously we have no time for playing lyrically
at least we don’t and that’s a money back guarantee
cause people need
more than entertainment from the industry
so many lives
depending on lies
so too many die
cause too many high
and not many try
to live a life beyond self
chasing status and wealth
using excuses how you came up
for records to sell
the stories you tell
done been told in so many ways
the only diference
is your platinum shackles and iced out chains
so ignorantly
you keep them loving mentel slavery
they wanna be free
but you ignore responsibility
you keep them loving mental slavery
they wanna be free
but you ignore responsibility

yo we make an orangutan with lipstick on
recite these words and sing this song
no drugs or pills that i be on
scratch and sniff my provolone
the place im at i so belong
glad to be here thank you glad you could make it
aint nobody took it where we bout to take it
we so serious hip skip bounce to be us
my voluptuous style make you chew up my style
lunitic rippin up the tile
fact or fable
tools of necessity a mic and a turntable
plunder like a pirate that’s what people are called
who steal cable deal under the table
with these flows we drop bombs like after eatin 3 cinnabons
upon my head this mantle been put upon
not the exploding kind the kind that enlighten the throne i sit upon
shinning light in clear you need to get upon
check the head of this nail you hit upon
times a wastin don’t get me wrong
we at the end of this song
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Sep 11, 2002
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