its like a flood earthquake or a hurricane, its not a deep stab wound but it hurts the same, its worth the pain, burnt from a flame, scientific hypothesis doesn't pertain, its just as random as when I first came, I conquered your creator now you bear my surname, everythings sure to change -nothings monolithic, logics out the window and reasoning's gone with it, tryin to fly on my plane you bought the wrong ticket, you'd have betta luck ridin on this diddick, I gotta long shit list and its easy to get on, the stupidity of others fuels me like techron decepticon transformation, bloody lebenon warfare, headstrong-I forebear, try to plead a case like the universal courts care!!?????? first you need to relax and breathe more air, then get your fuckin facts straight, cuz rambilin on like an idiot's nuthin too congratulate natures gonna dead you-you can trust in that fate, it'll swallow you even if you leave that disgustin after taste, wasn't as half as great as you thought, you cant drive the whole way you have to make a few stops, this is supernatural ...

yo life is like diving off a roof top head first, get a nurse, get a hearse , your still gonna be one dead jerk, you gotta plan it better work---clever and cheaper than sweatshop labor, the disc jock bless the cross fader, yo we act now and get props later, while your cigarette lost flavor, I give a fuck, life's askin' me to live it up, shit is ruff here in Pleasantville, my colors sharp enuff to split a dutch, plus I heard heavens filled so im down here on earth tryin to conquer nature into submission, another ignorant thug mission-o.j.'s glove is fittin, c'mon every gas leak loves friction, you cant answer without guessin, I got help on the inside for breakin out of oppression, thru the mic takin out aggression, consider yourself lucky to make it out the session, here, bite on something with a little less flavor, cuz shits sicker than you could battle with garlic and echinacea , it aint hard to see, your frontin like bark on a tree, got more lies than there is cars on the street , going the wrong way on a one way, and im just maxin, absorbin vitamin D from a sunray, skill is monstrous, skinnin you while your still conscious, universal will is upon us, (kill the nonsense)

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