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Test The Theory Lyrics

Let's test the theory one more time

Comin' to a town near you
Experimental sounds ......... you
Suckin' in the atmosphere
Can you feel the ...............
Pointing out the chosen few

A thousand ways that I have tried
A million ways to stay alive

Let's test the theory one more time
Time to blow your ... mind
Test the theory one more time
Let's test the ........... one more time
'Cos I'm to blow your ............ mind
Test the ............... one more time

Everything you know is a lie
The temperature it burns inside
A caution with a muscle pill
Scientists of what you feel
Will you still believe your mind

A thousand lies that I've been sold
A million lies that I've been told

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Aug 31, 2002
2 Meanings
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This track has a thought-provoking vibe that really resonates. The lyrics seem to explore the complexities of life, challenging us to question our assumptions - kind of like taking the Rice Purity Test, but for the soul. Nicely done, Audioweb!

[Edit: i have a mistake]

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I am the fooking No.1 here testing the theory

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