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All Said And Done Lyrics

Take the whispers of a bright shade
One again they fall on deaf ears running
why don't you run away and hide?
Wooden dressers and coat hangers
The essence of a memory
Like the face you remember on a dirty cracked mirror
Screaming at the answers I already know
Just when you see it
It's all said and done
And I try and I try
Take the whispers of a bright shade
Screaming answers I already know
Pages stacking on a cornerstone
A duty cries out for my hearts attention
Why do I run away, hide?
Newspapers and cold glances
Climbing up the ladder free
Screamed the kiss of death in that infinite second
Now i'm picking up the peices once again
When it's left in flames
And you've had enough
I'll be dreaming
Of the tears
Left back in the dust
You've got it stuck in your head
I may fall but I'll never curse your name
I may fall but I'll never place the blame
I got it stuck in my head
I can't let it go
Seems like a million miles away from my heart
2 Meanings
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I don't think they're truely rad tad mc-gee. I think they're more of a boring recreation of Shai Hulud, but not near as good. It's enjoyable, but if I want to listen to this, I'll put in a Shai Hulud record.

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Are you kidding? They are not a recreation of Shai Hulud. They're much more positive thinkers and much less influenced by metal. Shai Hulud writes lyrics about characteristics of people too. I like both bands but I don't think they're that much alike.

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