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To Navigate Lyrics

<i>Alien:</i> You will feel so worked out of this
You'll leave them pass through the ranks
<i>Analyst:</i> This tension somehow led us on
<i>Young boy:</i> So help me to navigate?

<i>Analyst:</i> These cut-throat make-shift trends unite and you seize them like no-one else
<i>Analyst to himself:</i> Directions misdirecting lust
<i>Young boy:</i> Small efforts seem smaller now
<i>Alien:</i> Mechanics flawless by design
Will breakdown to our dismay
<i>Young boy:</i> These short-cuts some how shorted me
So help me to navigate?

<i>Young boy:</i> Distortion I've been sorting through.
1 question: What happened here?
These things I share not with the rest
I'm fearful...lack confidence
These cut-throat make-shift friends of mine
I left them..for someone else
These shortcuts somehow shorted me
So help me to navigate?

<i>Alien:</i> Mechanics flawless by design
will breakdown..nature is truth.
<i>Young boy:</i> One question for the question-less
Will you please? Could you please????... (forgive me)
Help me to navigate?
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