New day springs light on the burdened, the downcast
My past lingers to define the outcast
I long for the coming of chapter two
To put an end to this cycle of backlash
So I start where the last chapter ended
But the veil has been lifted, my thoughts are sifted
Every wrong is righted
The new song I sing with every breath, breathes sight in

So let your face consume my mind, right

Hair standing on end, it's sent forth
Is this the end I was always meant for?
I still long for the taste of better days long ago
Long past, so dead to me but yet
Here it is in the palm of my hand to see
As I witness the birth of a new beginning
I sense it breathing, I feel it seething
I see my fear begin fading

Breath on me for my new beginning

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Chapter 2 Lyrics as written by Andrew Schwab Alexander Albert

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Chapter 2 song meanings
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    Chapter 2 is your new life when you become a Christian: "New day springs light on the burdened, the downcast" The new day brings meaning to the lives of the "burdened, the downcast"

    "I long for the coming of chapter two To put an end to this cycle of backlash" We don't have to be stuck in sin, we can now be forgiven. The "cycle of backlash" can be broken.

    "So I start where the last chapter ended" We are still the same person that we were before, we just have new meaning now. You don't just all of a sudden become perfect but you have "started a new chapter" in your life that you can grow from.

    "But the veil has been lifted, my thoughts are sifted" The bible says we were "darkened in our understanding" and that we look as though "through a dirty mirror". I think that's near the end of Corinthians 13. It's like we now have new eyes. We see people who are hurting and want to help them, we see sin in our live and have a desire to change.

    "Every wrong is righted" When Jesus died on the cross, he died for our sins so that we could be forgiven. This doesn't mean that all of our sins are just forgiven but if we confess that we've been wrong God will forgive our sins (no matter what).

    "So let your face consume my mind, right" The meaning of a Christian means "Christ-like" so our goal is to look at Jesus (let his face "consume our minds" if you will) and live our lives as Jesus would.

    "Hair standing on end, it’s sent forth Is this the end I was always meant for?" It's gripping to think about Christianity. If Jesus really is God, and the things he said were true, they've got life-changing impact. C.S. Lewis sums it up when he said, "Christianity, if false is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important." If Christianity is really true, it's "the end I was always meant for"

    "I still long for the taste of better days long ago Long past, so dead to me but yet Here it is in the palm of my hand to see" When we become a Christian the bible says we become dead to our old self. However, it is still who we 'were,' we can still see it "in the palm of our hands." Some Christians would say to forget about your whole life before you became a Christian. Not only is that impossible, but it's unreasonable. Just because we've become a Christian doesn't mean we should sever all ties to our past. We still have friends who haven't heard about God. We still have our same jobs with the same co-workers. Our lives should change for the better ("witness the birth of a new beginning").

    "I see my fear begin fading" We no longer have to be afraid of dying or of failure. Not that we shouldn't be safe or should take reckless risks but we know that God is there.

    "Breathe on me for my new beginning" This last line is like a prayer. 'God, I've made this decision, give me your strength so I can live the life you want me to.'

    sirstevenon April 07, 2005   Link
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    To me, it's all about new birth- finding a new life. Your old life is chapter one, your new life is chapter two. How do you find this new life? focus on the redeemer, the creator of new life, jesus.

    So let your face consume my mind.

    estocopathon October 03, 2004   Link
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    Tells of some ones desire for it all to be over and how it will be later on when all wrongs are righted and so forth.

    Protoon January 12, 2002   Link
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    It says you control your own fate - you reject God or accept Him. it's that simple. I long to taste better days! I belive I'll be in a better place when I die!

    EngageThison June 06, 2002   Link
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    it's about his life and confronting his fears: Hair standing on end, it’s sent forth Is this the end I was always meant for? I still long for the taste of better days long ago Long past,.... so on and so on.

    ferret/phattomon June 07, 2002   Link
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    sirsteven is onto it. thanks for that. good explanation.

    bought_in_bloodon December 08, 2005   Link
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    yeah sirsteven right on what else can i say...perfect...and here i was doubting the spirituality of this band...

    doin_researchon June 25, 2006   Link

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