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Cirrus Minor Lyrics

In a churchyard by a river
lazing in the haze of midday
laughing in the grasses and the graves

Yellow bird you are not lonely
in singing and in flying on
in laughing and in leaving

Willow weeping in the water
waving to the river-daughters
swaying in the ripples and the reeds

On a trip to Cirrus Minor
saw a crater in the sun
A thousand miles of moonlight lazer
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Apr 01, 2001
13 Meanings
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Awesome song! Definatly one of Pink Floyd's best.

There is a certain melancholy throughout the song, almost as if PF is saying that "all the good things that make us happy in the end, come to end. Whether it's the flowing river, or the chirping bird. Everything ends"

I think the lines "saw a crater in the sun" means that every great big love (like the sun) has a dark side (crater), and that whenever we meet a girl we trully love, there is still something about her that will unsatisfy us. Just my opinion.

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I love the way his voice reverbs when he sings "saw a crater in the sun, a thousand miles of moonlight later." And I love the British way that he pronounces "saw" as "sawr"

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filled with wonderful lyrics and colourful musical images . . . "crater in the sun" ? ? ? don't forget, kiddies, that this line harkens back to an earlier PF song "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", and they're seeing the crater left by their previous "flight" to the sun . . . and, just for fun, "Willow weeping", "River-daughter", for you Lord of the Rings buffs, a thinly disguised nod to Mr. Tom Bombadil and Old Man Willow . . .

Never noticed the Tom Bombadil referance before!! Goes to show that you learn something everyday...

Man this is actually awesome, but i have to say, every single time i hear the river daughter line, i always think of Tolkien and Tom Bombadils little mermaid, its cause i used to listen to some tolkiens songs and river daughter is actually used there several times, and with the willow... its just ive got the same feeling about these verses! The crater in the Sun actually got me tho!

@meltingman Funny, I always thought the river's daughters were naiads...

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Cirrus Minor is the north pole star. It is part of a constellation in the shape of a bear. And yeah, the organ solo is pretty amazing. One of my favorites off of More.

I believe that would be Ursa Minor. It might have been nice if they had been as descript as to say Ursa Minor, but they didn't, they made up a name for another dimension of the trip called Cirrus Minor. I like it since on a trip everything gets a new name.

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This really sounds a lot like a desription of Granchester Meadows. With the psychidelic twist, I LOVE the effects they do.

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Yea it is like Granchester Meadows, never noticed that. Really good and melancholy song. MORE is quite good....the album...the movie kidna sucks, waste of $20.

I agree ! The album is good - not the film.

The album art is better than the film!

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This song is way better than Learning to Fly, but it has 50 fewer comments. Something seems wrong here, doesn't it?

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I'm with you clegg. This has to be my favorite. One's left with the incredibly deep mystery of, "wtf is a crater doing in the sun? Is that supposed to be there??"

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the song is about a bad trip roger waters had. on what? i don't know. probably lsd. what gives this song a 5 from me is the organ solo.

No acutally that would be Cymbaline, this is about an incredible mind f((( of a trip.

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The last line of this song, "A thousand miles of moonlight later", is taken from a book of Chinese poetry that Roger Waters read in the 1960s called "Poems of the Late Tang". The line is from a poem by Li He called "On The Frontier". See cjvlang.com/Pfloyd/index.html

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