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Nightingale Lyrics

Hey young girl staring at me
Smiling so mysteriously
Your eyes so shiny and your lips so red
Do you know this tune playing in my head
Hey Cordelia don't you frown
Though your daddy went crazy and your
house burned down
I'm gonna make everything alright
I'm singing just for you tonight

I got a tune running through my head and it
won't go away
Singing to me softly, singing to me day
after day
And I want you darling, and I don't want
nobody but you
We can jam in the daylight, we can jam
the whole night through

Cause I need someone to turn me on
Someone to wake beside at dawn
Someone to sing my song
And be my Nightingale.
Someone to kiss beneath the moon
And sleep with in the afternoon
Someone to sing my tune
And be my Nightingale.

Your face so fine and your body so shy
England in the rain is no place to be
Go find your lover out across the sea
Girl do you hear the music playing
Do you understand what the singer is saying
And these visions that we both have seen
Baby can you tell me just what they mean?

I got a tune running through my head that I
want you to hear
Play it for you darling, for your sisters and
the good King Lear
And I been dreaming of a day when the sun
will shine again
Shine on through your lightning, shine on
through your thunder and rain

Cause I need someone to turn me on etc.
So won't you listen to the band
And won't you try to understand
And won't you let me be your fool
And hold you by the hand
And sing until I see that you are smiling...
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Jun 30, 2001
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My Favorite GSW tune

Quick story, I was in New Haven, CT in 1993 or 1994 with some friends and we stopped into a bar, no one was there....they asked us if we were the band...we said no and decided to leave and come back a couple of hours later.....

We came back and it was still pretty quiet, but some people there. I played pool with Aaron, but didn't know he was in the band. He asked us if we heard of them, and I said, "yeah, we are the band"...then told him the story of how the owner didn't know....

Well, anyway, he goes on stage and they start playing....insert foot in mouth...I hope he understands we were kidding. Anyway, I was amazed at the quality of music they were playing, for not being recognized...I bought BAG right there that night (I never do that, nor have I done it again since, always wait a day or two to see if thier tunes stick in my head)..

I wish Stupid Hat was on it, that is the one I remember the most from that night, along with Nightingale...

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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