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Touch Lyrics

You can buy me a daiquiri
you can take me home and tear my clothes off
here am i. married? no, i'm celibate, ha ha

want a 'lude, i don't care
the feeling's numb but we cry oh, ahh
here am i making sure you get your share

well, isn't this a night
you have a wife, a little girl at home
never mind, nice to know you, wave goodbye

touch, touch, touch me, can you stay tonight?
i don't want you to leave my side
talk, talk, talk to me, i need to know
will you remember me tomorrow?

well, if you say you love me i might believe
that you see something special in me
and then the days go by, and you're not there
if you want me, touch me, touch me now
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Jun 22, 2001
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