And I knew, I was close to you
And I knew
Catch me flying, in the sun
Catch me drinking, of your wine

I'm gonna put something in you
Make the devil feel surprised
All your sisters wanna fly
Around my golden sky
Around my golden sky

Just because you feel, hollow inside--it's real
Just because you feel, hollow inside--it's real

I'm gonna put something in you
Make the devil feel surprised
Make the devil feel surprised

And I knew I was close to you
And I knew
Catch me flying in the sun
Catch me drinking, of your wine

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All Your Sisters Lyrics as written by Hope Sandoval David Roback

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    General Comment

    Does anyone else feel like they need to spend 3 days drying out in a meth clinic after listening to this song?

    I don't think anyone else has commented on it because it's meaning is so baffling. But I'll give it a shot...

    "We have a connection" "I have something you want" "I will tell you something, or do something to you, that is shocking"

    Hope simply says it in a way that is more beautiful and dreamy. I would just like to know how much wine she was drinking when she wrote it.

    Unmaskedon September 15, 2007   Link
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    Song Meaning

    (It's simply the meeting and recognition of ones true love.)

    and i knew i was close to you and i knew

    (Of course you know when you meet someone close and special)

    catch me flying in the sun catch me drinking of your wine

    (Meet me flying in my space)
    (Meet me doing the things you do - because we are the same)

    i'm gonna put something in you make the devil feel surprised

    (I am gonna make you recognize me. Fate will be surpised because it cannot mess up what is here)

    all your sisters wanna fly around my golden sky around my golden sky

    (many women want to be with me, trying out life with me)

    just because you feel hollow inside it's real

    (but YOU have the feeling that I feel too. I can tell you: it's real)

    just because you feel hollow inside it's real (just because YOU feel the same, hollow inside - it's real)

    i'm gonna put something in you make the devil feel surprised make the devil feel surprised

    (I am gonna make you recognize me) (And make Fate feel surprised. Make Fate feel surprised)

    and i knew i was close to you and i knew (Of course i knew)

    catch me flying in the sun catch me drinking of your wine

    (Meet me in my space)
    (Meet me doing the things you do)

    fallon1067on December 30, 2016   Link
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    General Comment

    I'm going to take this song to a really dark place. I've always been a Mazzy Star fan but hadn't heard All Your Sisters until a really dark day. It got me through unbearable pain and related to me when I felt no one else could understand. I feel it came to me for a reason. It led me to conclude that this is what this song is about or something related:

    -Being in a abusive/toxic relationship with a man. A man who isn't even faithful to you and has other women in his trap who are in a sense, your sisters because you're all controlled by him. Maybe even a man who is sociopathic to an extent. Think of Charles Manson and his ability to convince his harem of women to murder for him. Do anything for him.

    How it feels, the things you say to yourself, the way an abusive man can tear you down to nothing, control you, convince you to do things that you'd never do before.

    "and I knew I was close to you/and I knew" - The love and connection the woman feels she has to the man that makes her feel like she should stay. The illusion of love he has created that she thinks is truth. It makes it so hard to let go of him no matter what pain he causes her, because she thinks she KNOWS for a fact that no one can love her like he did.

    "catch me flying in the sun/catch me drinking of your wine"- When he does give her moments of affection, it feels euphoric like she is a bird flying in the sun. She clings to those small moments. Drinking of his wine...the wine is like a metaphor for his toxicity, his problems...his negative influence. She is drinking all his negativity and it is impairing her judgment. It's dragging her down.

    "I'm gonna put something in you/make the devil feel surprised" - He is now able to control her and manipulate her to do things she would never normally do...she lets him control her sexually, emotionally, etc. She'd do anything to please him. This isn't her. She normally has morals, standards for how she is treated, etc. The devil is even surprised she is doing these things for him, that she has thrown all her self respect away because she is normally a really happy person. Maybe the devil is surprised that he has put such a sorrow inside her. Such an emptiness. Maybe he has introduced her to hard drugs she's never done before and never thought she would, other immoral things.

    "all yous sisters wanna fly/around my golden sky"- She is with him at the moment, she thinks of him as her golden sky. All the other women or "sisters" that he has abused that he has on/off relationships with are jealous, angry. Sometimes that is her when he is with them instead of her. He's always going back and forth between women. They are sisters connected by their abuser and the pain they share but instead they feel like enemies.

    "just because you feel hollow inside/it's real"- What she tells herself.Even though she feels so hollow, he gives her so much pain...she feels like the love is real. She feels like she can't turn her back on her love. It's so controlling and strong over her. She tells herself even though she feels so empty, it has got to be real. How could she be being deceived? How can this love not be true when she feels it so strongly?

    Screamofthebutterflyon December 16, 2015   Link
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    General Comment

    Haha, this is definitely one of those totally druggy songs of theirs. You're right, Unmasked, the meaning of it is so baffling and obscure I can't really comment.

    I love this song, but what the hell is it even about? Maybe that's the whole point. The music is gorgeous, but it's meant to be hazy and confusing lyrically. Maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out. It sounds almost like she has intentions to haunt someone.

    I don't gain the same meaning as the one above when I hear the song, but that's a decent and understandable way of interpreting it. It'll just continue being a mystery to me.....

    Psychedeliaon October 07, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    The fact that she's being "caught" drinking of his wine implies that she's not really supposed to be. And then the whole devil bit feels like she's saying she's gonna absolutely blow his mind. This is out of left field, but the song in general, especially with the sisters and hollowness thrown in there, feels like it's about jealousy.

    That's all I've got ...

    vickykim9on May 14, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    Here's what I think. This girl knew she had feeling about this, I have to think its another girl...because of term "sisters" she knew she was close to her but did not know how close until the jealous thing comes up,hollow to me is trying to come to terms of the feeling that she has about this other women ..because it has her all mix up/ Like catch me drinking from your wine. It seem that may the other girl figure it out…that she has feeling for her and she is trying to make her jealous with other women.

    and i knew i was close to you and i knew catch me flying in the sun catch me drinking of your wine

    i'm gonna put something in you make the devil feel surprised all your sisters wanna fly around my golden sky around my golden sky

    This part is about jealousy….(all you sister flying around my golden sky) But she is going to put something in you that make the feel surprised… To me is talking about getting even….some home make the other one Really want her back….thats all I have on this one…they could have Been stoned,who knows…but most singer song writer are deep

    alwaysinging4uon June 18, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    I think it's about knowing a person is your soul mate or twin flame but they don't realize it, yet. You wish they would be more receptive to that emptiness, you too, feel, and in the song the girl has determination. She is willing to be burnt and the devil may not want them to fill that emptiness, but she knows it has to happen and her persistence will surprise him, the devil. I think the sisters may be those who are jealous of the dynamics of the singer and the one she sings of, they too want to fill that void, but they see her and know that these two are written in the stars. God,this is amazing song. No, I am not high, but I occasionally enjoy some Mary jane. ;-)

    opinionationson May 29, 2016   Link
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    My Interpretation

    The line about wine is the most telling in this song. Consider two parts of it:

    A. "catch me drinking of your wine", I think the phrase 'your wine' is important because it implies there's something unique about the intoxication she feels in relation to the person. Drinking someone's wine might be like you're convinced by and adoring of their insanity / sense of overt enchantment. I feel like someone who is infatuated with another could be said to have 'drunk from their spirits'.

    B. the fact that they're not supposed to be drinking the wine at all, hence why they were 'caught', implies that they shouldn't be together at all, especially not with how much of an influence he has on her.

    I do not know who the sisters are or why they want to fly around her golden sky, but the part about surprising the devil makes me feel like she's planning to do something so insidious, not even the Godfather of Evil could have seen it coming.

    2006200720082009on July 01, 2017   Link
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    General Comment

    and i knew i was close to you (I know you love my music, I am close to your heart) and i knew (I know THE SECRET, someday youll come looking) catch me flying in the sun (the secret is Lucifer, whoops, you caught me) catch me drinking of your wine (I'm the rich guy you hate)

    i'm gonna put something in you (Im gonna brain wash you) make the devil feel surprised (to hate my enemy) all your sisters wanna fly (you love my beliefs) around my golden sky (you love the church of the light) around my golden sky (you want to follow the light)

    just because you feel hollow inside (all the shit and hatred you feel) it's real just because you feel hollow inside (all that pent up anger and resentment) it's real

    Threefishon December 20, 2017   Link
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    General Comment

    She is talking about Spirit. Wine is a common symbol of Christ. She may not be being specific to Christ, but Spirit for sure.

    Spirit answers the empty spaces, is found in the empty spaces, can fill them up, and she has Intentions of reaching this space where she can "make the devil seem surprised" - transform her hollow loneliness to one of real 'light" [flying in the sun / my golden sky]

    "All your sisters wanna fly" - a reference to women, sisterhood, recognition we all have these feelings of hollowness inside - perhaps for various reasons, or perhaps from being women, wanting to feel fulfilled by more than a man alone

    fireUrchinon September 19, 2012   Link

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