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Disappear Lyrics

Just because I called your name
I cannot hear, it's not the same
You close your eyes and knock it back
All the things that I have to have

And now you choose the thorny cave
I can't believe that I'll have to say
All the things you'll never see
I'll never be what you want me to be

No I can't disappear
No I can't

Close your eyes and look at me
I can't believe what I cannot see
Everything is like you say
Change your mind and you have to forgive

And I can't disappear
No I can't
No I can't
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Lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing
David Roback, Hope Sandoval
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numb On Jun 21, 2001
2 Meanings
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I have no clue but the song is the most haunting and dreamy in her collection. Wind chimes, guitar rifts that echo of country legends of the past, meloncoly voice - what a trip. Like most of her songs, it makes one reflective but I could imagine listening to this particular song somewhere in the midwest in the great outdoors. being a man, i'm not good at digging into the deeper aspects of the lyrics, I just take them as literal. I guess I'm just a cave man in the thorny cave referenced in her second verse.

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I'll go gay for Hope in a heartbeat.

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