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If I had to lose a mile.
If i had to touch feelings.
I would lose my soul
the way I do.

I don't have to think,
I only have to do it.
The results are always perfect.
And that's old news.

Would you like to hear my voice,
sprinkled with emotion,
invented at your birth?

I can't see the end of me.
My whole expanse I cannot see.
I formulate infinity,
and store it deep inside me.

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Jun 16, 2001
19 Meanings
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i've known and liked this song for a while now but I just recently read a book by the french philosopher Descartes (meditations of the first philosophy) in which he try's to prove the existance of god or a greater infinite being. He comes up with the theory that we couldn't possibly conceive the idea of infinity unless it had been place deep inside us by an infinite being itself and that we cannot clearly conceive the begining or end of our existance. The song 'oh me' may be based on or influenced by this book but even if it isn't the song will be understood a lot better after reading it.

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"Complacency, narcissism, self-absorption. The true beauty is that this song, for all its irony, really does have a touch of the infinite."

well put, snibble.

derrick says it was a concept song about self indulgence so the lyrics are about that and that's also why they play it really slowly and self-indulgently.

i guess it's kind of making fun of the whole prog or psychedelic jamming thing, which the meat puppets were way into.

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Complacency, narcissism, self-absorption.

The true beauty is that this song, for all its irony, really does have a touch of the infinite.

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This song is about loving someone and throwing a fit. If I had to touch feeling- throwing a fit. Would you like to hear my voice sprinkle with emotion I’m invented at your birth. He can’t get over her. He can see the end of me. He’s whole expanse he can’t see. Formulate affinity(not infinite what people think he says) which mean a deep attachment a deep love stored deep inside of him and he can’t see it ending

This song was sang by Kurt Cobaim by the Meat Puppets because of how he felt about Courtney love. He also sang plateau by the meat puppets because he didn’t enjoy his new found fame because the way the music industry is. Kurt conbaims other song reflect that and that’s why he chose to sing those by the meat puppets at the unplugged session

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Man, i feel like this song has some sort of beautiful meaning, but can't desypher it

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i have a question...i borrowed "II" from a friend, and i downloaded a version of "oh me" that sounds nothing like the one on the record. so naturally, the one on the record is the meat puppets. anyhoo, it was labeled as meat puppets, but you know how p2p sharing can be...people seem to type out of their asses when it comes to song names. okay, so this version that i'm listening to starts out with an organish noise, piano, with two vocals. i'm not a meat puppets expert-extraodinaire, so don't bash be for my "ignorance". i just want to know if there are two versions of this song by the pups, or if i'm listening to a cover.

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and yes...it has guitar and all the other elements originally there.

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i've seen the descartes connection as well. i thought i was just being crazy.

i also feel this song has endless cynical sarcasm. or maybe thats just what i hear.

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to me, this song is about the prospect of being a parent and having part of yourself live on after you die. how we all have the ability to make life. if you think about it in context with each verse, it really speaks to me.

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this is an awsome song and the meat puppets are my favorite band! i dont like having favorites but the meat puppets take me straight back to my innocent childhood quistioning of life and space and all that.

remember when you were young and you had all these questions and you were facinated by the universe and space and would ask the older teenagers all about it? well this is what i always did, i still do but in a much different way, the meat puppets takes me to this fascinated state of mind and its awsome, so many cool feelings.

I think this is exactly what they were doing just putting it into songs, and taking some mushrooms, or peyote as it says in the booklet.

i think this music is the most perfect imperfect music ever! it is so mystical and the lyrics are also!

the last four lines, i cant see, the end of me, formulate infinity, store it deep inside me, they are so perfect and are exactly what brings this sense of awe to me when i really think in this way.

we all seem to be so used to this reallity and being human, but have you ever just sad back and wondered why, why, WHY? or how, how, HOW? this is? Why is anything? why are you just sitting there reading this, how is this happening, why is anything? thats what this music makes me feel and the lyrics are profound!

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