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All The Good Times Lyrics

Every day we get a little bit closer
And every year we look back to see how far we've come
Well now your baby boy has got a story to tell
So sit back mom and dad and listen well
Always knew that I could make it
Even when I forgot what I was chasin
Had a dream I'd meet such a sweet little girl
To share all the love that you taught me
And friends who were as good to me as you
but now all my dreams they have come true now
Which leaves me with one final chore
To say thank you for all the time you gave
And all the irreplaceable love and understanding
I'll always cherish the good times that we had
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Jun 11, 2001
2 Meanings
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this song is so awesome, very nostalgiac yet fun at the same time

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kinda weird when you consider the shitty life Jeff Ott had growing up.

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