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The End II Lyrics

When we’re done cleanin the rubble from the last
wall torn down
When we’re done putting back what we took from
the ground
When the last republican and bureaucrat
and liberal
can admit to being a human being
When the last stubborn men stops refusing
to learn from who he’s met and what he’s seen
There will come a day when there will be
no more enemy, and no one left to hate
And on this day the earth will stand up
and walk away
When the last line on all the maps has been erased
When the last person learns to derive the simple
pleasure, of seeing another’s smiling face
When we lose the reasons for division, and the
separation has gone away,
When we know the love will stay
When all the songs have been heard and all
the books have been read
When all the hate is gone and dead
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Jun 11, 2001
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