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Stroking My Cat Lyrics

britney spears makes my head get all light and heather graham naked in boogie nights winona ryder i fantasize about her with carmen elektra naked beside her i'd hump all the chicks on beverly hills 90210 i'd hump cameron diaz and i'd hump alyssa milano and so what if i'm a few years shy of being thirty should my mind stop being dirty you know what i'd do to anna kournikova take her to the toilet and bend her over how about a threesome with angelina jolie jennifer lopez and gwen stefani even though her movies suck lately drew barrymore rocks but i'd be forced to dump her for jennifer anniston or courtney cox and courtney love only looks good half the time but i'd fuck her too i'm so desperate i'd fuck you girls with three names drive me triple the insane they get trapped inside my brain sarah michelle gellar melissa joan hart and sarah jessica parker but this song won't change anything i'll still be alone in my room stroking my cat
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Jun 11, 2001
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super chicks in my favourite song!!!


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