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Only A Dream Lyrics

Come, lay down next to me
And we'll feed our desires,
do whatever may come
And we'll get high,
And watch all the colors
Start bleeding to one
With all the sound,
The beautiful sounds

Is it me or is my imagination running wild
Some things are not what they seem
I would ask you to come
Into my world for awhile,
But I know it's only a dream

I was looking down into you,
Alone as you slept
Without a care in the world
Just you and I
Together forever but we lost what we'd found
In all the sounds,
The beautiful sounds


Why do you think you're over
All the people who together held your hand?
Now I know I'll see you forever more
As I drown in sleep and dream of you instead


I never need to awaken
I never want to end this sleep
Who is watching over
Who is watching over you
Who is watching you tonight?

Is it me or is my imagination running wild<b>x5</b>
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Jun 11, 2001
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