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White Lightning & Wine Lyrics

This night's gone, we're moving on
Highway's calling aloud
I bring them in with eyes of sin
It's a down drinkin' freaky crowd
Chew you up and spit you out
Never want to know your name
Don't want to know you but I sure want to show you
Will forget I came
On the world's all mine
White lightning and wine came on so fast
When did I last feel this fine?
White lightning and wine
Sweet little one let me love you some
Take me or leave me alone
The gooder they come, the harder they fall
Turn around you are a nasty joke
Yeah, we all laugh oh, hah, what a gas!
Watching you chew on the bones
In the morning light you didn't look so nice
Guess you'd better hitch hike home
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Jun 09, 2001
2 Meanings
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lloovvvee this song, some solid lyrics like: "I bring them in with eyes of sin" aka, fuck-me-eyes, "In the morning light you didn't look so nice, Guess you'd better hitch hike home" ~ Nancy is the original man-eater!

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I love what Ann said about this song, "whatever you do, don't mix white lightning and wine, PLEASE!... didn't know that then..". Laugh every time I hear it! Heart= best band EVER

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