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Sweet Darlin' Lyrics

Sweet darlin'
You saved me
I'm hummin'
From the lovin'
You gave me
You went so far
Where my feelings are
Breathing heaven fire
Sweet darlin'

I know you
You stopped running
You knew I had something
To show you
The fever tamed
Like an angel came
Made music of my name
Sweet darlin'

Early that morning we knew I had to fly
Engines were screaming and still I was asking myself why
High on the wind I was feeling my sweet darlin' cry
My heart was breaking
I closed my eyes
Can you hear me
We can't be wrong
The night's song
Pulls you near me
Time just falls
Distance small
I feel you all
Sweet darlin'
2 Meanings
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I can't believe nobody has ever commented on this song. This is big.

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Yes, I agree so big in meaning yet put simply. A real woman's song, from the heart. A woman loves with the whole of her being, literally humming throughout her whole body both in the emotional and physical sense. Also the highs and lows of human emotions, fear, "you stopped runnin"; again, everything seems perfect when love calls "an angel called my name" and as with the humming the ecstatic feeling. In the end though is separation, we can borrow from but never completly be what another gives us....all in a beautiful love song.

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