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Baby Phat Lyrics

Phat Phat, uh
Ain't nothing wrong with big broads
Phat Phat

It's a sure bet
When I stare into your dark browns I get
Overwhelmed, overjoyed, overstep
My bounds, on your touchy subject
Your weight, your shape's not what I date
It's you, my crew don't mind it thick (Uh-uh)
Every woman ain't a video chick (Nah)
Or runway model anorexic
I love what I can hold and grab on
So if you burn it off then keep the flab on
We gonna stay gettin our collab on (Oww)
Girl we gonna stay gettin our collab on (Ooh, ooh)
We gonna stay gettin our collab on

[Chorus: Devin the Dude]
Don't stuck on the things they say, now you know it's a nasty world
Tryin to get with ya anyway cause I know you're a nasty girl
We ain't never gon' discriminate so let me compliment your size
Oooh oohh oooooooh oooooh

[E. Yummy Bingham]
Yeah it's nothin but a litte baby, phat phat
It's nothing but a little baby, phat phat
It's nothing but a little baby, phat phat
It's nothing but a little baby, phat phat
Yeah it's nothin but a litte baby, phat phat

Claim you outta shape, you not outta place (Uh-uh)
You keep it natural with no powdered face
Without exercise you got the eye
Starin you down, make me wonder why
You women wanna frown at them stick figures
On them little ass girls, when a clique of niggas
Run up and try to hurl game for real
Your frame holds appeal in the everyday
World, and conceal is not the way
To go, I'm tellin you I had to let
Ya know, ya need to let it all hang

Don't be scared to show a little of that thang thang
No matter how you weigh it girl, it's feminine
Kinda body everybody wanna know (Yea yea)
Be the private dancer in my Luke show (C'mon girl)
Skip the salad girl, bring us both a menu
Eat the whole box of chocolates I send you (Heh)
See girl, ya more than just an apple in my
Eye/I, confess I wanna get up in ya
Thighs, the rest'll tell you all the things..

[Chorus 1x]

I love it when y'all broads wear it skintight (Skintight)
Make the big panties look like little panties (Heh)
Tryin to lose that bottom girl you been right
I saw who make ya cookies I should go and thank ya granny (Uh-huh)
Don't mind you being conscious of ya calories
If gettin paper was fat man you'd be salaries
You ain't in this alone I got a tummy too
Just lemme watch the weight don't let it trouble you (C'mere girl)
Nine ten specimen up in ya jeans
You buy the size seven and just make it fit
Slim Fast, lypo, and body creams
I pray you won't endorse, I got a candle lit

[Chorus 2x]
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Jul 19, 2002
5 Meanings
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pretty hot and tempting

.....phat phat

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sick? it's not suppost to be sick, "melinko" unlike ICP - de la soul doesn't sing songs about FAT women to dissrespect them. the song is about how sexy women with some curves are, and that they need to realize their beauty and not think they all have to be runway models. i think it's a really positive song..

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He didnt mean sick as "gross" sick, he just meant this song is dope, and im with him this song is mad sick, good ass flow

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Dudes, chill. I think he meant sick in a good way. Anyways I love this freakin beat! I'm confident in saying I was the first DJ in NM that rocked this joint in public. I had chicks shakin' they ass. I love how he portrays a beautiful thick woman, which I know a few of. I always loved the 'skip the salad/ whole box of chocolates part. And the 'nine ten specimen up in yo jeans, buy size seven and just MAKE 'em fit' haha man I love DeLa

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