im sitting here

all i can think about is you

and all that you mean

and you, youll never know

im begging you

but it doesnt matter

all you do is test my heart and what its cappable of

and all i find confort in is this bacardi

its exposing me to feelings of regret

and i wish things could just turn out my way

but instead ill take my chances

and things will turn out for the worst

im tired of trying to impress you

im throwing up tonight

i wish i could throw up those words ive said to you

becuaes you dont care and i just try to hide my emotions

but i can only do so for so long

im growing tired of this

when you cry, you make me want to cry

and when you laugh i crack a smile

my feelings have grown to be relfection of yours

and you dont even know

you dont even appreciate me

and thats why ill be crying tonight

ill miss your lips and your arms around mine

sometimes i feel like i need you

and i just wish i didnt

your brown eyes scream out for me

but your heart says no

and my chest is left a hollowed out disaster

my heart has had another piece chopped off

my throat is feeling jaded

your hair is so wonderful

your flowing hair can only bring me misery

all you can say to me is 'ben we can only be friends'

a part of me dies when you say this

it feels like like a thousand needles in my heart

i wish i could lay in your arms again

but that wouldnt make it easier

it would only make things more complicated

and you wont understand

youll never understand

and thats the part that makes me sad

you still miss him, so you cry

and so i immitate you and want to cry also

i want to cry not becase you lost him, buy becuse you cry for him

and it feels like ive never felt like this before

i cant change your mind

i think as i lay tonight i will think about you a little bit longer

and think about how you wont care

but ill lay in the thoughts of bliss

and think about how i gracefully have failed

but hey thanks, thanks for that time

so long

so long for that wonderful time

its nothing more than a memory

and now your gracefully falling

gracefully falling away from me

and im tired of these thoughts

becuase they are all wasted thoughts

every wasted breath while thinking of you is just that, wasted

you wont let me win

you wont let me have such a great time

tell me that your just feeling tired

and thats why you are lacking similar emotions

its all too dificult to read your eyes

maybe tomorrow things will be better

tomorrow will be new

and then ill see your smile again

and ill be stuck here again

and its just like you to ignore me

your brown hair is just too beautiful

i cant stop staring at your now

and im trapped in your eyes

let me throw up these words ive said to you

becuase you dont deserve them

you dont appreciate them

let me think about this a bit more

becuase you wont

ill continue to suffocate in these dreams

and i cant stop, i just cant stop thinking of you

id give you whatever you need

id do anything

let me walk over this bed of needles to hand you this water

becuase im so wrapped into you

and you dont care

i feel like im so far away

but im not that far

this alcohol only reveals my true feelings

and they wont stop

this waterfall of feelings wont stop

all you do is litsten to me and hold back your opinions

i hope that im not wrong

i hope that someday you wont hold back these feelings for me

i hope that youll stop thinking about him becase he didnt deserve you

not saying that i do, but i deserve the chance

you know it

my feelings are like an ice cream cone, they are solid for now, but soon they will melt away

when they do you will be sad

becuase by then you will have realized that its too late

i wish i could make you feel this pain

this drunken pain i feel tonight

im missing you so much, and its been not so long since ive seen you

im regurgetating those thoughts from the last time we were together

and i wish i could repeat them

but you make my eyes water

you make my heart hurt

you make my head storm of too many things

things that i cant control

and now i wish that i was anywhere

with anyone

making out and getting over you

but i cant

i just cant forget

and its taking its wear on my heart

my heart is growing weak

and only you can repear it

but you dont know that

so tonight ill stay up a little longer

ill think about you a little longer

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