Nowhere. That¹s my new name since I left town Freeways. Kinda glad the road map flew out of the window Driftwood. Too serious about destination Jukebox. Who in their right minds would let someone else pick the songs to the soundtrack of their lives? I was never really into radio I stopped taking requests a long time ago But I work hard to do more than tread water Who wrote this script because it¹s making me barf Not even starving actors take these parts Rewind. The function my life is most lacking Streamlined. Smoothed out by the sandy wear of expectation Flagpole. It¹s gonna fly the quilt I¹m sewing out of questions Dance steps. Who in their right minds would let someone else choreograph the way they move their feet? I was never very big on discipline Cutting all these anchor ropes might take all day But I try to do more than just tread water Who wrote this script? It¹s pathetic See how they react when we reject it We can say "no more prisons" yet we hide in our own Built on our fear of the unknown There¹s only one thing we can doŠ Make a jailbreak Yellow blinking lights at State and Stewart streets Symbolism¹s boots kicking me squarely in the teeth Like my nightmares where the porcelain crumbles, leaving me with fangs Not a monster, but a freak, a freak who feels the shame Of rooting for "perfection," of rescinding my choice What¹s a million dollar smile if it can¹t emit your voice? But like a strobe light at a nightclub, like stinging tear gas taking toll Like the reek of rotting garbage, I¹m learning to take control So turn that down, stop humming along Today we¹re singing an unfamiliar song And don¹t worry how far we¹ve allowed ourselves to be misled I think I see a U-Turn up ahead

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