What are we gonna do about the men in blue?
What are we gonna do?
Cops are fags and that's a fact
They walk around in tight blue slacks
Pat you down, they search your ass
Cops are fags and that's a fact

Mustache this and mustache that
They're at the donut shop gettin fat
Fuckin pigs they always harass
The power trip behind thier badge
Twirlin battons big night sticks
Is it cuz they have such little dicks
Fags for sure those fuckin pricks
I'm sick of it
I'm sick of Po's bustin up my shows
Sick of Po's stragglin the flows
Sick of living my life in fear
I'm sick of cops those fuckin queers

What are we gonna do about the men in blue?
What are we gonna do?

They're lookin for a reason
Anything at all
To put his hands inside my pants
And rub around my balls
He knows that we dont like him
He wants to lock us up
Put us in his little cage
Contain us with his cuffs
Powder puff says he jock, ego maniac
Pissed cuz i got bitches, weed, and money by the stacks
And money buys you freedom at least thats what they say
What gives them the fuckin right to carry me away
Face down on the concrete hands behind my back
Invade my home break my bong confiscate my sack
Thats a little sample of how they fuckin act
Power trippin macho queers with a fuckin badge
Cuz i smoke marijuana and grow it by the pounds
It's just a plant a lovely plant that sprouts up from the ground
And who the fuck gives you the right to make that choice for me
Interact the way i please its my right to be free
So next time they harrass you and try to take your weed
Call the pig a fuckin fag for me and Bobby B

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