I blame you for the moonlit sky
and the dream that died with the eagles' flight.
I blame you for the moonlit nights when
I wonder why are the seas still dry?
Don't blame this sleeping satellite.

Did we fly to the moon too soon,
did we squander the chance in the rush of the race,
the reason we chase is lost in romance.
And still we try to justify the waste for a taste
of man's greatest adventure oh.

Have we lost what it takes to advance?
Have we peaked too soon?
If the world is so green
Then why does it scream under a blue moon?
We wonder why
If the earth's sacrificed
For the price of its greatest treasure.

Did we fly to the moon too soon,
did we squander the chance in the rush of the race,
the reason we chase is lost in romance.
And still we try to justify the waste for a taste
of man's greatest adventure oh.

And when we shoot for the stars
What a giant step;
Have we got what it takes
To carry the weight of this concept
Or pass it by?
Like a shot in the dark
Miss the mark with a sense of adventure.

Did we fly to the moon too soon,
did we squander the chance in the rush of the race,
the reason we chase is lost in romance.
And still we try to justify the waste for a taste
of man's greatest adventure oh.

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    General CommentBack in 2004 I wrote Miss Archer and asked her if she could tell me something about the meaning of this beautiful song. This is what she wrote back:

    "....Sleeping Satellite is about mans adventures to the moon and was written in the summer of 1989 at the time of 20th anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon. The song is intended as a comment on how in the 20 years since the first landing little progress appeared to have been made in space travel/exploration. It's not intended as anti space travel, it's just the opposite and it bemoans the fact that at the time of the anniversary the initiative had not been progressed from the original achievement. Hope this helps. Love and peace, Tasmin...."
    Non November 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIf there is ONE song that really deserves to be discussed here it would be this amazing song! It's difficult to decipher and I don't know much about astronomy!
    Non November 14, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI agree with your interpretation but i think that the line when she asks herself in the seas are still dry means actually the so called lunar maria (latin for seas) and that because of the exploration she has no more the possibility to fancy about what the moon is because now she can get exact photos of what it is thanks to Apollo missions. sorry for bad english but it is not my main language ^^
    mattoinsideon May 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI thought this song was about regrets having rushed to lose one's virginity.
    BeepBeppon November 22, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningSurely considering the short sighted move made by the US government not to re-visit the "sleeping satellite" and abandon the space shuttle, the lyrics of this great song are even more poignant. We are in the process of traveling backwards. At no time in man's history has he traveled backwards and slowed things down, that is until now. We are abandoning our future, and the future of the race by trying to run back to the caves and hide.

    Sorry if this sounds depressing, but I grew up during the space race and Ms Archer has captured the feel of that time with her wonderful song with its synths and on the mark lyrics. We did peak to soon, and we have lost our sense of adventure. She ought to consider re-releasing it as an anthem for a new decade, a rallying sound for those of us who would like to see humanity's spark of adventure re-kindled.
    fleetmanon April 15, 2011   Link
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    General Comment@NorthernThunder, cool name btw, I think u aren't reading all of the comments. In 2010 "N" posted that Tasmin Archer herself claimed the song was, in fact, about the American space program, inspired in 1989 by the 20th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. In light of this, all the posts suggesting the song lyrics were really metaphors for things like sexuality, inspiration, humankind's place in the universe, etc. were quite imaginative.

    I always thought "I blame you sleeping satellite" meant, whimsically, "I blame you Moon for inspiring mankind to reach to stars, only to have mankind then stop short by just going to the moon." I guess I was pretty much on target all these years. Archer seemed disappointed with the lack of progress with the space program following the moon landing. This is reinforced again and again in the song with the lines "Did we fly to the moon to soon? Did we squander the chance?", "Have we got what it takes to advance? Have we peaked to soon?" and "Have we got what it takes to carry the weight of this concept? Or pass it by?" Seems likes she's saying we lost our motivation to "shoot for the stars" after the moon landing, in part, because we lost that desire for "man's greatest adventure."

    @fleetman I see you get it and I agree completely with you and Ms Archer. To me everything else concerning the meaning of this song and its potential metaphors is just pure supposition. But I guess that's what this forum is all about.
    Eurasianon January 25, 2012   Link
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    My Interpretation''I blame you for the moonlit sky'' is profound! A romantic man says this to his partner on a moonlit night, especially on full moon nights. The softness of the moonlight adds to the beauty of the partner. The 'blame' is more a romantic word saying that the moonlit sky would NOT mean anything on it's own had it not been for the presence of the beautiful lady! So in a teasing romantic way he says to her ''I blame you for the moonlit sky''

    When the man wakes up to this truth he realises that he is nothing but a satellite going round the lady. She is really the centre of his attraction to her! Hence the ''Sleeping Satellite'\
    Naresh33on December 21, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI really cannot talk about this wonderfull song, cause I'm in pain for a relationship break up. The woman of my life just left me and I dont know what to do. Give it up or try to get her back? i don't know. all I know is that she's the one I really love and care about. without her the world seems so grey!
    BrazilianFanon September 05, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThe "I blame you" is what stands out and draws me in to this song.
    Arcadianon February 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentGreat song that brings back great memories... too bad I don't have a clue of what she's talking about. I can't relate the lyrics to any metaphor, in fact I can't even see what she means in the first place.

    "..the dream that died with the eagles flight" If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say that by "eagles" here she is referring to some astronauts, maybe failing their mission? That would explain "the dream that died" part. The Apollo 10 mission comes to mind..

    "when i wonder why are the seas still dry" The dry-seas (mare area of the moon).. If I recall correctly, in the Apollo 10 mission, one of the first descriptions of the moon from the astronauts was actually about the dry-seas area... well, it's also possible that I have far too much sense of imagination. I'd be happy to hear someone else's comments about the meaning of rthis song.
    Cristiano Repupillion March 20, 2006   Link

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