You send all our money and troops overseas,
But in your backyard there's famine and diesease
You can't continue to ignore the needy,
You can't continue to be so damn greedy
Your system so decitful and corrupt
Our country's soon to be wasted up
You look past all the problems at hand,
You ignore the things that are plauging this land

Hail to the chief king of the USA
Taking on the world, enforcing his own way
Hail to the chief king of the USA,
Ignore the problems that we face everyday

All you ever do is make pointless laws,
You never fix all the existing flaws
All you ever do is make stupid rules,
Its funny how all our leaders are such fools
They don't care about people like you and me
Look outside you can see in this fucked up society
How the hell will remain up to speed,
Half our fucking country can't even read


We stop segragatintg by race
There are bigger problems we need to face
We must come together as one and fight
We cant fucking stop till we make it right!!

Lyrics submitted by Josiah

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