Memories Are Made Of This Lyrics

Take one fresh and tender kiss...
Add one stolen night of bliss...
One girl, one boy, some grief, some joy...
Memories are made of this.

Don't forget a small moonbean...
Fold it lightly with a dream...
Your lips, and mine, two sips, of wine...
Memories are made of this.

Then add the wedding bells,
One house where lovers dwell,
Three little kids for the flavor
Stir caref'lly thru the days,
See how the flavor stays,
These are the dreams you will savor.

With his blessings from above...
Gen'rously with love...
One man, one wife, one love, thru life...
Memories are made of this-

Memories are made of this.
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i think this about an affair. hence the "stolen night of bliss" and the "grief"

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This song is reflective of memories throughout a lifetome of love between the singer and his partner. Starting with a first kiss and some tough times, right through marriage, children and building a life together. to call this one of Dean Martin's best is certainly true; but then, with thousands of recordings he made his own; some people might object to that characterization. no doubt his voice and talent will inspire for generations to come.

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what a fantastic voice, i love the lack of music in this song. the backing vocals make it so catchy x

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The background vocals are hypnotizing; I think that it must be the Jordanaires. I can't figure out the other verses which they sing aside from Sweet, Sweet..., but if you listen and watch closely there are at least two other full verses.

How the heck Dean Martin didn't lose track performing live with the three of them singing counterpoint in both his ears, I'll never know.

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