"Dig a Pony" as written by John Winston Lennon and Paul James Mccartney....
I dig a pony
Well, you can celebrate anything you want
Yes, you can celebrate anything you want

I do a road hog
Well, you can penetrate any place you go
Yes, you can penetrate any place you go
I told you so

All I want is you
Everything has got to be just like you want it to

I pick a moon dog
Well, you can radiate everything you are
Yes, you can radiate everything you are
Oh now

I roll a stoney
Well, you can imitate everyone you know
Yes, you can imitate everyone you know
I told you so

All I want is you
Everything has got to be just like you want it to
Because (woo)

Oh now
I feel the wind blow
Well, you can indicate everything you see
Yes, you can indicate everything you see
Oh now

I load a lorry
Well, you can syndicate any boat you row
Yeah, you can syndicate any boat you row
I told you so

All I want is you
Everything has got to be just like you want it to

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"Dig a Pony" as written by Paul Mccartney John Lennon

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    General CommentPure speculation...

    I dig a pony...horse...heroin. Celebrate anything you want.

    I do a road hog...groupie...penetrate any place you want.

    Pick a moon dog - Early Lennon band in Liverpool was Johnny and the Moondogs. Radiate? Star?

    Roll a stoney...the Rolling Stones, imitating "everyone you know, including the Beatles, which they did throughout the entire 60's

    Syndicate any boat you row? WTF??? I've always wondered about that lyric.

    For those of you who know John's written work in his two books, you know about his love of wordplay, puns, and twisting words around to make new ones. Any thoughts about "syndicate any boat you row?"
    dan0311on December 31, 2004   Link
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    General CommentTo the stupid Beatle elitists giving evanchester a hard time here is a quote staight from John Lennon in reference to the song: "I was just having fun with words. It was literally a nonsense song. You just take words and you stick them together, and you see if they have any meaning. Some of them do and some of them don't."
    Red_Left_Handon March 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI like the line, you can radiate everything you are.
    born to runon January 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti dig a pony - heiroin i dig a road hog - groupies i pick a moon dog - fuck knows :s i roll a stoney - rolling stones correct me if im wrong
    g~rockstar~bon February 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe things that Lennon sings about: digging a pony (celebrating, partying), doing a road hog (boning a groupie chick), picking a moon dog (choosing a band member/forming a rock n roll band), rolling a stoney (not sure what that means - getting high?), feeling the wind blow (being aware of/using current culture/trends to enhance prestige/use in music), syndicating any boat... (making money/doing business from anything you do (film, photos, cartoons, whatever the Beatles did that spun off from their music because people are interested and will pay) - these are all things that Lennon has invented to amuse himself/become himself, become a legendary pop star.

    But the point of "I Dig A Pony" is that all these amusements and inventions pale in comparison to the love that he has found, and so "All I want is YOU!" (You are all that is important now. And "Everything has got to be the way you want it to be" (All the things I ever have wanted before are such nonsense. Now all I want is what You want).

    In other words, all that the things that Lennon has accomplished or done before in his life are not very satisfying after all and, in fact, essentially meaningless . Now all he wants is what his true love wants (Yoko Ono, no doubt).
    Carlholeon July 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLast verse is not "I dug a pony" it's "I rode a lorry." A lorry is the word used in Britain Colonies for truck.
    Cloud_Splitteron July 26, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is a mash up of two very different ideas. First of all I think that John isn't so much saying "I" at the beginning of each verse but "High."

    The song is about getting high, on drugs of course, and every term is a euphemism for it: Dig a pony, do a road hog, pick a moon dog, roll a stoney, feel the wind blow and load a lorry (not dug a pony.) When you do this, John is saying, when you toke up, then you celebrate anything, penetrate any place, radiate everything you are, imitate everyone, indicate everything and syndicate every boat you row. All this means is that you become high, you become wonderful, powerful, with it, connected, etc. In this sense the line "All I want is you" is about drugs. All you need may be love but all I want is drugs.

    But why say ONE thing when you can say TWO things

    Each verse is also about another musician who impacted John.

    Dig a Pony- the Pony was a dance connected to Chubby Checkers. Chubby's simple rock 'n roll was all about celebration.

    Do a Road Hog- a hog is a Harley motorcycle, a road hog is one on the road, one of heavy metal, keep your motor running, Steppenwolf had burst out with the music to Easy Rider. This film and this music was about going new places, both metaphorically and literally. It was overtly sexual too.

    PIck a Moon Dog- the Moondogs were the other Beatles when the band was called "Johnny and the Moondog." The primary Moon Dog that John picked all on his own was Paul McCartney, "Do you want to be in me band?" The Beatles were all about expressing themselves- radiating everything about themselves.

    Roll a Stoney- the most obvious one: the Rolling Stones, whose music was the eptiomy of British Blues, taking the old Blues of Black Americans and redoing them- imitating everything you know. Is John here putting down Mick Jagger or just commenting?

    Feel the Wind Blow- another obvious allusion: Bob Dylan and "Blowing in the Wind" and "How Does It Feel?" Dylan's music was indicating what was going on, the relevance of folk music.

    Load a Lorry- the summation of it all- the final point of music as a business is not self expression or artistic homage or social commentary or simple party time or deeper sexual expression- the end of music as a business is SELLING the songs and loading up the lorries with the records and syndicating the composition. In the end the suits take over.

    But for John all he really wants music-wise now, in this second meaning, is what so many already have said: to please Yoko One and be with her.

    John later saying it was garbage? Of course he said that. John had no place for people who couldn't get it, weren't willing to let the lyrics speak for themselves. So he'd put them off with some story that it's meaningless. Was the song meaningless? Well, yeah for the suits who only swa the point as syndicating every boat they rowed. To them it's just garbage that sells.
    LibWingofLibWingon November 20, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThe non stupid elitist is partly right. He wasn't writing about heroin or boning road hogs. But these aren't really nonsense lyrics. They were carefully conceived thoughts+ sounds strung together mainly for their lyrical quality. Something he was copping from Bob Dylan style of lyricism. Aside from that this song very much has a meaning and intent. The original title was "All I want is You." Like just about everything else he was thinking about in those days, it was another glorification tribute to... you guessed it-- Yoko.
    stratognaton February 23, 2014   Link
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    General CommentHmmm.... Does anyone know what this song means?!?!? Man, I am confused as he!!, but I really think it's a swinging song, on what I consider their best album (wincing and grabbing arm-rests, preparing for onslaught of angry readers)... Let it Be. If not their best at least their prettiest (with Across the Universe, Long Winding Road, and of course Let it Be.)
    mothr_nature's_sonon May 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentStrictly word play, but it's a great riff tune!
    SVon June 09, 2002   Link

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