Which the blast of the northern winds
they were on the opened sea
and they travelled against north
to a land called Island

Siegfried only wishes were
to defeat the ice princes
and under the dragons sign
he had a new slave

then they saw the coast of Island
twelve norns standing at the hills
hundred years they were the keepers
of their queens realm.

and water fontains clapping at the ice cold stones
the wildest water Siegfried has seen in his whole life

as they reached the sand of Island
Siegfried told one of the norns
that he wants to challenge Brunhild
and to own her realm

but the only answer was
that he must be very careful
Brunhild had won every fight
against all the challengers

so the norns lead them to a castle
where the Queen were reside
fire balls were no man came through
were the castle guardians

and then they saw Brunhild
standing at the gates
through thousand flames her beauty
shined through hell and she said:

"three competitions you must win
to take my soul
and my body will be yours.
I'm the warrior
who has fighten thousand man
and no one of them
had seen the day."

"When the mourning breaks
we'll see each other then
in the middle of the castle
my sword is sharper and my hand will
destroy you
and you ever be my slave."

Siegfried hold his promise, the sword fight he had won
and in the second he had thrown the sparrow father
third one without problems he took a big stone in his hands
and as he won the third Brunhild fall on her knees.

"so you're my slave for now
a present for king Gunther
the king of Worms to which we go
and you'll be his wife
his sister Kriemhild I will take
with your help I get her
Kriemhild I have jeard so far a goddes of the world."

with the heard of stone she traveled
no emotions in her eyes
a lost warrior heard with no bride
and she swore to Siegfried revenge
only his dead she wants to see
every night she thought about it
and soon it shall be.

then they saw the coast of Worms
the king of Burgunden lived
and the knights were festive welcome
them to their land of peace.

and then a celebration started
to the whole castle.
the brightest knights of land
came to give to Siegfried honour.

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