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Ants Invasion Lyrics

10:35 and I hope I've made
the right decision
heart is beating I'm alive
but I don't call this living
rationalise till I'm blue in the face
you cannot lose if you throw the race
I'm still searching for the
ants invasion

10:36 and I hope I've made
the right decision
ninety eight point four's the bore
with twenty twenty vision
you want a thrill so you come and see me
a cheap line in fantasy
but I'm still searching for the
ants invasion

if I'd the courage
I would make my way home
too many antics in the forbidden zone

10:38 and I think I've made
the wrong decision
another lifeless man with a strange incision
I hope that insect doesn't see me
he's not renowned for his courtesy
I'm not searching for the
ants invasion
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May 31, 2001
6 Meanings
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Wow this song just blows me away. Haven't got a clue what it's about though.

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I dont exactly know what Adam is singing about but this is one amazing song. I love the way the tension builds in his vocals.

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It is a reference to a movie that he saw while in the band. It was a sci fi horror movie with invading alien ants.

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Actually I think newrockgoldenera may have the right idea with the heroin-shooting theory- it does seem to fit most of it. Adam's vocals in this are fantastic, all the wavering, lilting and yodelling-like tics he adds.

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When I first read these lyrics, I thought that “ant” was for “anthelmintic”. The most famous “ant” is the benzylpiperazine (BZP), which is used to obtain a legal alternative to ecstasy better known as “party pills”. The problem is that the recreational use of piperazine begun in the early nineties, and not in 1980. Reading Goddard’s biography I could understand that this song is autobiographical, because in the mid seventies Goddard tried to do a suicide by taking all the pills he could find in his mother-in-law's kitchen cabinet. Probably among those pills there were especially anthelmintic drugs. On the other hand, perhaps the song “ants invasion” was a precognition of the “party pills”.

My Opinion
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Ahh man....luckily y'all were only into the sex and rock n roll aspect of music and not the drugs part too because if you were, it would be an obvious occurrence to you that this song is ONLY about shooting heroin and the person you become as a result of doing so. And to anyone who may be curious, DO NOT learn the hard way; take it from Adam. It will haunt you forever.

And these lyrics aren't all correct, btw.

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