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Guilt Lyrics

It´s all for the best
You just don´t know
And though it´s all very painful
You will consent
to add fuel to the fire
to pray for kingdom come
It´s all just a question
Who´ll play the prodigal son

And I´m guilty
Immersed in thought
And I´m guilty
I´m numbered
I´m guilty
Though it makes no sense to you
But I´m guilty
’cause God is cold

It’s all for the better
If your acceptance is low
and this may be for nothing
If comprehension is slow

Don´t do as I do - do as I say
(I have been blind)
Don´t do as I do - do as you feel
(think every hour)
Don´t do as I do - do as I don´t
(of Saffron Flower)
Don´t do as I do - do as you want

And I´m guilty of stealing your heart of darkness
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Jun 06, 2002
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