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Higher Learning Lyrics

Can't believe I graduated my friend
I thought that the year would never end
said goddamn now I'm feeling free
but now I'm sittin at the local university
it seems like the same old shit
and frankly my dear I am sick of it
blow off class cuz I think it's joke
instead of homework I'd rather much smoke

I still can't get a date
when I show up to class late
to be carefree I'm yearning
I can't stand this higher learning

On campus there's fine women abound
I give them a smile they just give me a frown
a lot of rich kids with their fancy toys
and I can't stand those fucking frat boys
don't have a car and I have to commute
can't live on campus cuz it's too much loot
I can't wait till this fucking class ends
just wanna go out and hang with my friends

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Jun 06, 2002
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