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The Eagle Has Landed Lyrics

Take a giant step for mankind
On a distant lunar sea
As you travel across the universe
Will you take a step, take a step for me
Will you take a step for me

Voyage of an eagle
Blasting to the stars
You take the hopes and dreams of men
To find yourself, to find tranquillity
To find tranquillity

Traveled across the universe
And placed the lonely flag
Out there in isolation
At the final, the final frontier
At the final frontier

The world's in celebration
As we wait for your return
You took a giant leap for mankind
On another, on another world
On another world

Take it easy take it slow
Don't go fast don't let go
The eagle has landed
The eagle has landed
The eagle has landed
The eagle has landed
4 Meanings
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saw the Eagle has landed tour in the Netherlands.... f'ing awesome!!

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The moon landing in 1969.

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A song with a touching melody.

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This track is about the accomplishment of the Apollo 11 mission, and the man who became the first person to step on the Moon. It tells the journey of accomplishments and the courage it required of the astronauts to undergo the mission as it would be a "giant step" and "giant leap" for mankind. It concludes with the triumphant announcement that the eagle has landed as the world celebrates the mission and their return. It's a tribute to the brave men who bravely reached outside our planet in hopes of being the first step into spreading humanity's wings across the universe.

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