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Lamentation Lyrics

Oh God we're here
And goodbye chokes on my tears
While your exit seems so effortless
So mean, you don't fool me

When the morning wakes you'll grab for me
But the plane took me away
Are you scared of what you'll see
Do they mean more than me

Trying to try
Trying to give you all your lines
Trying to walk away without a move
Trying to catch your eyes

So they fall down
Out of reach out of sight
Are you scared of what you'll see
Are you scared of me

Immersed in love's encounter
The heavens merge with hell
My arms release my body
Your arms hold what I held
Finally I know you'll take me
Finally I know you fell
I climb into your body
Climb into my own cell
Don't turn the lights on
Don't turn the lights on

What's on your mind tonight
Don't think too much you'll go blind
Make it easy find a beast in me
Now I'm not your type

And I'll fly solo into my loner love
While you walk and play it safe
Aren't you scared I'll leave
Do they mean more than me
7 Meanings
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I always believed that this song was just about a bad break up

in the beginning they are saying good-bye as she is "choking back her tears" "while your exits seem so effortless, so mean. You dont fool me" he is trying to act like it doesn't affect him but she knows it does.

"when the morning wakes you'll grab for me, but the plane took me away" so like...he realizes he wants her but she's already made up her mind.

"what's on your mind tonight? don't think too much you'll go blind" she telling him not to think too much about her or he will be 'blinded' by tears

"make it easy find a beast in me. now i'm not your type" meaning, find my flaws, find a reason to hate me so you don't love me anymore

i think she felt second best to him and after a while she just couldn't take it anymore which she keeps asking "Do they mean more than me?" and the idea about sex works with the build up part, but i think the whole meaning of the whole song is more than that too. its what she did about the fact that she felt second best and possibly being used for sex. but he did love her. and she loved him. but you know....haha

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perfect piano song...

the mood is everchanging; leah slowly lifts you up and then suddenly lets you hit the floor... all the major feelings you go through during a relationship are put in this song... in the right order!

the piano playing reminds me of the scene at the end of GREENCARD

a few more of these songs and leah would have been another tori or alanis...

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i agree. this song is amazingly written and performed. the mood is really abstract, and it's so creepy that it's beautiful.

this song is just all around perfection. i've seen so many beautiful contemporary dances to this song too. if leah never writes anything this great again, i wouldn't be surprised. this is pretty untouchable.

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i think this song is going though entire relationship that has it very high ups and downs, and when she is saying don't turn the light on, i think it means not to look at reality, just stay happy in the dark.

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This song is about a secret relationship, secret from the rest of the world and secret to both of the people in it. The two lovers are obviously romantic, but they both care too much about their outward appearances to enjoy the other's presence, "While your exit seems so effortless So mean, you don't fool me". Each person loves the other deeper, but they are insecure and cannot read how the other feels. Its as if the couple is trying to prove to other people that there is nothing between these two, when in fact, they are in love. The beautiful love making interlude is interrupted by turning the lights on, which she dreads because the secret will be revealed. The final stanzas represents a pessemistic ending, where the boy leaves the girl probably due to insecurity in how she feels about him. He leaves because he cares more about his appearances more than her again. Communication problems...

i agree kinda

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I honestly think the song is about a very depressed girl who was being bullied and died hint the lyric "Oh God were here" meaning that she going to heaven or hell just wait for it And she sad cause she died at such a young age and had a full life a head of her hints the next part "And goodbye chokes on my tears",And she's talking to her self trying to see why she let her bullys get to her hints the next part "while your exit seems to effortless , so mean" it was effortless cause she problem drank bleach or hung herself and it was so mean cause she left behind her loved ones who she knew will miss her so much she says " In the morning you'll grab for me meaning her parents will go to her bedroom and realize she's not coming back " But the plane took me away" she saying the plane took me away as an analogy as if it was the light from heaven and the next part says " Are you scared of what you'll see" she saying are you scared of seeing her not in her bed any more the next part says "trying to try, trying to walk away without a move " she goes back to her room as a ghost and see's her parents in her room crying cause there little girl is no longer there she trying to move to get there attention but she's a ghost so it doesnt work hints the next part "Trying to catch your eye" the next parts says "so they fall down" meaning that her parents fall to there knees cause they can no longer bare standing over how emotional they are " out of reach, out of sight" means that her parents want her there but they cant reach her cause shes dead and out of sight " immersed in love's encounter " meaning they are trying to feel the love they had from her back hints the next part " The Heavens merge with hell" which means its not working and the girl is slowly fall into hell "My arms release my body" she turning into a spirit now and letting go of the self she had left " Finally i know you'll take me" which means in her case she has been wondering for a while if she will go to hell and the devil is taking her cause she killed herself which is a sin "I climb into your body" meaning she is becoming a part of the devil " Climb into my on cell meaning she is climbing into her cell in hell " Dont turn the light on x2 " meaning she's in hell and in hell i think it would be dark and the light is over baring she going insane " Whats on your mind tonight she asking herself as if she is the bully "Dont think to much you'll go blind " which she saying to her self if she thinks about all the stuff the bully has done to her she'll cry and blind herself with tears " Make it easy find the beast in me" she saying that if she find the beast in her she'll not care any more "I'll fly solo into my loner love" meaning she has no one to love so she'll begin to finally start loving herself again

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I completely agree that this song is incredibly written & performed. It's hauntingly beautiful.

I think that she is not only talking about the general ups and downs of a relationship, but also feeling self conscious & unsure about losing your virginity.

"I climb INTO your body" abstract but easy to interpret way of hinting towards sex "Don't turn the lights on" She doesn't want him to see her because she is self conscious "Do they mean more than me" The "they" is the guys friends. The girl is afraid that he is using her for sex to impress his friends - a way of saying "is what they think of you more important than how I feel"

It's kind of an abstract way to think about it, but when you listen to the song it does fit.

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