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Lord, lord, what you got in store for me? You gotta give me your word that this boy won't bleed. With arms too short to box with you; what's your plan? Tell me and I'll follow through...Why am I the last one to know? I built up a temple inside with words inscribed over the door "I'm right". And one night I invited you in for awhile, and when you walked out the whole place came down...But why am I the last one to know? Why am I always the last one to know? I don't like the sound of my heart breaking down. It seems the more I've searched, in the end the less I've found. The harder I try to be right, I get it wrong every time. Wherever my heart goes, I'm the last one to know. I'm lost. Lord, I'm lost...my last deal gone down, and I'm the last to know how. But, somehow, I'll make you proud of me the way you're proud of the moon and the sea... Why am I the last one to know? Why am I always the last one to know?
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May 28, 2002
2 Meanings
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To me this song is about life as a struggling christian, wretling with God, and trying to come to Him on your own terms.

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This is a terrific song...elegantly executed. David's vocals are flawless. I think the song the song has a broader scope than just Christianity. It speaks to any person trying to understand their spirituality.

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