Sometimes I believe all the lies
So I can do the things I despise
And everyday I am swayed
By whatever is on my mind

I hear it all depends on my faith
So I'm feeling precarious
The only problem I have
With these mysteries
Is they're so mysterious

And like a consumer
I've been thinking
If I could just get a bit more
More than my fifteen minutes of faith
Then I'd be secure

My faith is like shifting sand
Changed by every wave
My faith is like shifting sand
So I stand on grace

Stand on grace

I've begged You for some proof
For my Thomas eyes to see
A slithering staff, a leprous hand
And lions resting lazily

A glimpse of Your back-side glory
And this soaked alter going ablaze
But you know I've seen so much
And I explained it away


Waters rose as my doubts resigned
My sand-castle faith, it slipped away
Found my self standing on Your grace
It'd been there all the time

[Chorus: x2]

Stand on grace

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Shifting Sand Lyrics as written by Aaron Tate


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    General Comment
    I love this song. It always makes me feel better when I'm feeling down.
    MaggieMae03on September 02, 2002   Link
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    caedmons call did a good job on this one, especially lyrically
    poolshark711on March 07, 2005   Link
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    One of my least favorite Caedmon's songs, but I still like it.
    Celtic_FCon January 08, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    This is a pretty straightforward song with some vivid imagery. "Thomas eyes" is a reference to Thomas who wanted to see Jesus' wounds before he would believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. The lines after that are some classic Old Testament miracles- the first two featuring Moses and the third feat. Daniel. I don't know what "back-side glory" refers to, but "this soaked altar going ablaze" is a reference to Elijah and the prophet showdown with the 300 (i think) prophets of Ba'al. They prayed to Ba'al, but their altar didn't catch fire. Elijah soaked his altar and even filled a moat around it, but when he prayed to Yahweh (God) fire came from the sky and destroyed the entire altar, burning up the water and even the stones.
    Gammafighteron January 24, 2008   Link

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