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Last Chance Lyrics

i'm tired of you
forbidden fruit is sweeter
but i'm too scared to end it
what can i do, that's how it goes
marks on the floor
a bridge better left burning
the dust has gathered on us
the tides are still, the love is gone
i'm holding on
she is the one who helped me
through all the agony of losing you
it's all been true
i can not change my feelings
i think we both can see what they all know
out of the blue
it's not that real
the mess we made pretending
i took my chances with you
i won't complain, hit me again
we're miles away
stuck till at least tomorrow
the boat that we set sail in it took a dive right down the falls
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splat On May 26, 2002
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I think this song is about a guy who breaks up with his girlfriend and goes with his friend, who's a girl that has always been there for him during his painful relationship with his ex.

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