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Three's A Party Lyrics

get the fuck out! here there's no interest in what you're about. preaching your violence... just leave it alone. here there's no interest in what you condone and don't you forget it. we're here together. we're here to stay. we're here together. we want to play. you've got a lot of weight, and it's gone to your head. we just want to keep the peace but you use the scene to let off some steam. oh no. it's really sad the way your actions meet your words. we'll be glad the day your politics are burned. so, don't forget to say goodbye before you leave. we want to see you turn your back on what you preach. i've seen it before from people like you. destroy what we have. it only takes a few. we may not be friends, but we are all peers. enjoy what you have while you're here.
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May 26, 2002
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