From Lies Come Truth Lyrics

206 dead bodies
follow me time to play spending time
with a dead corpse 34 time is just a waste of life
62 live life to its fullest nothing was ever forgiven 18 fret over depression sadness
and emotion washed away by fear 43 believe and dont repeat what you saw eternal youth
is the key to death all my fear all your fear all of our fear
55 stay alive look away when I pass by
666 friends with satan enemys of god
hell bound metal warlords
0 never want you reap what you sold and I can live up to my
standards of life of heaven or hell wont listen cant listen hate it all
no love from a black a heart 17 dead and gone everyone fears life and hopes
for death living on a world evolved around lies and the only truth is
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May 26, 2002
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