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Two Nights Lyrics

Two nights underneath the summer sky
Looking like I need some help
A night away from the river
A night away from myself
A night without you

My heart reads like an open book
My face the pages to my lies
My hands ready to fight
My throat dry and ready to speak

Your controlling stare
Replacing my laugh
You’re calling to late to be good
You’re voice to calm to be you

Have I been afraid to try?
Afraid to compete for this life?
Is this all I have had?
Two nights with a person I don’t know

The older I get the less I know
The company dime has been spent
The colder it gets the better I feel
The darker it gets the more I see you

The moon will fall
The stars will burn out
But I will not fade away
On this night without you
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May 25, 2002
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