Born from the light - journey into the
Moment, delivered from thought and
He will be one, one with the land -
Lord of wind and the sea and the sands
The one - The bringer of life

"All will bear a part of me - let this
Hollow shell set your free to live as one"

Here we are - Children of Sun and Stars
The first to know and to understand
Living by the Law of the Ages
Prophets and sages - forging Utopia

Great Ptah - Khnemu - sacred priest of
The Temple of Ra and the keeper of
Crystalline spheres, the power of light,
Grant us keys to the stars and the
Secrets of flight
'Five shall be as One'

"We unlock the mysteries of
Knowledge and technology"

Here we are - Children of Sun and Stars
The first to know and to understand
Living by the Law of the Ages
Prophets and sages - forging Utopia

'We shall live forever, and cast out
Those less divine
Gods we will be - rulers of the sea - in
Our Grand design'

Here we are - Children of Sun and Stars
The first to know and to understand
Living by the Law of the Ages
Prophets and sages - forging Utopia

"...and to create entirely new beings was an even greater
Display of their power, but in attempting to merge their
Energies, some of the newly made beings were
Disfigured...and there were altered creatures with wings,
Hooved legs and tails - part human, part beast.
And they became divided..."

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Evolution (The Grand Design) Lyrics as written by Michael Pinnella Allen Boop Russell

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Evolution (The Grand Design) song meanings
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    General Comment

    this music is great!

    prtrson June 04, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    part 1 (not counting the intro) of new mythology suite.

    "...and to create entirely new beings was an even greater display of thier power, but in attempting to merge thier energies, some of the newly made beings were disfigured...and there were altered creatures with wings, hooved legs and tails - part human, part beast. And they became divided..."

    This song introduces the band's telling of the legend of the lost empire of Atlantis. It tells of a god-like being--to become the high priest of Atlantis--Ptah Khnemu--who brings the Atlanteans (unclear if they are of the same demi-god nature) into a golden age of magic and technology. It implies Ptah Khnemu also birthed religion, one seemingly focused on universal truth (like the mystery cults of egypt and all over the ancient world), power and fair law for all.

    The quote at the top (not spoken lyrics) is literal enough; the godlike beings began using their powers for magical-genetic-engineering, though some of their experiments didn't work as planned.

    svasanvedanaon November 19, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretation

    This song seems to describe ancient Egyptian deities. It's a little confusing to me, but I believe Ptah was thought to be the creator of the physical earth while Khnemu was said to have given humans the breath of life. Also, the Temple of Ra refers to their sun god (and also the son of Ptah), whom they obviously worshiped. What I get from this is the story of ancient Egyptian creationism. I find it hard to tell who's point of view it is, some signs point to the sages and prophets of the ancient Egyptian world while others point to the deities themselves.

    Either way, this song is wonderful. It combines a metal feel with great rhythm and well-sung yet mysterious lyrics.

    exceliteon March 04, 2010   Link

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