Gentlemen, our benefactor on this Christmas day
Whose charity is only matched by talent, I must say
A new member of the Alphabet City avant-garde
Angel Dumott Schunard!

Today for you - tomorrow for me
Today for you - tomorrow for me

And you should hear her beat!

You earned this on the street?

It was my lucky day today on Avenue A
When a lady in a limousine drove my way
She said, "Darling - be a dear - haven't slept in a year
I need your help to make my neighbor's yappy dog disappear"
"This Akita-Evita just won't shut up
I believe if you play non-stop that pup
Will breathe its very last high-strung breath
I'm certain that cur will bark itself to death"
Today for you - tomorrow for me
Today for you - tomorrow for me
We agreed on a fee - A thousand dollar guarantee
Tax-free - and a bonus if I trim her tree
Now who could foretell that it would go so well
But sure as I am here that dog is now in doggy hell
After an hour - Evita - in all her glory
On the window ledge of that 23rd story
Like Thelma & Louise did when they got the blues
Swan dove into the courtyard of the Gracie Mews
Today for you - tomorrow for me
Today for you - tomorrow for me
Then back to the street where I met my sweet
Where he was moaning and groaning on the cold concrete
The nurse took him home for some mercurochrome
And I dressed his wounds and got him back on his feet
Sing it
Today for you - tomorrow for me
Today for you - tomorrow for me
Today for you - tomorrow for me
Today for you - tomorrow for me

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Today 4 U Lyrics as written by Jonathan D. Larson

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    General CommentOn CD, this is definitely not one of the better songs overall in Rent; actually, it's right up there with "Contact" in my least favorites list though. However, if the person playing Angel is good, it's perfect on stage, with all the dancing and everything. Casual listeners and new Rentheads could probably skip this one on the CDs, but on the stage it's funnier and it fits in perfectly.
    nightkite13on March 05, 2003   Link
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    General CommentPeople could skip it, because it doesn't really make sense if you don't listen to the words. But if you are listening to the words, don't skip this song. Because this song reveals thatAngel is the cause ofthe death of Benny's dog. So the whole "Akita-Evita" remark in "La Vie Bohem" doesn't make sense without this song.
    code6idioton June 22, 2005   Link
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    General Comment*laughs* That "Akita-Evita" remark had me in hysterics.

    Personally, I find this song hysterical, and I just get this image of him/her dancing and it makes me laugh every time.
    wolfperson1on December 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commentcode6idiot-

    yeah i had been listening to the CD a lot.. and in la vie boheme i had been wondering why they said 'evita' and then like a week ago i actually listened to the lyrics in this song and was like "OHHH!!!"
    SaraWithOutAnHon December 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSawa! Surprised seeing you here...haha tis $arah...but yea anyway: This song is my favorite in RENT except for La Vie Boheme...they are even though. As said before the begginning of La Vie Boheme would definetly be confusing without this song which makes it funny if you think about it.
    Real Live Fictionon December 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentLOVE IT
    jenazababon January 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwhoa jsut got that. thanks everyone above me! i lvoe this song any time it comes on when im listeining to the cd i HVAE to get up an dance. its funny i have the mental pic of angel in my head and all. this is definetely my happy song.
    flrtnwdisasteron January 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis was my first favorite RENT song, it's fun to listen to. Angel tells about how she was offered a thousand dollars to play the drumsticks around the apartment, this makes the Akita go insane enough to commit suicide, jumping out of the 23rd story window, onto the sidewalk of Avenue A. In La Boheme, the play it was based on, one of the characters is challenged to play until his parrot died. It's a great introduction for Angel, it's really fun to watch.
    AngelxCollinson January 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs, this an La vie Boheme. It's so fun to sing with. Obviously it's about Angel killing of Ben's dog :]
    TalkShowOnMuteon April 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI heard from a friend that Angel was referencing to male prostitution. After thinking about it, I think he's right. The "Avenue A," he said, it what gave it away. The dog is, of course, the innuendo of the "lady in the limousine's" lust. If you think about it and put your mind in the gutter for a minute, it's quite clear!
    loucumberon June 01, 2006   Link

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