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The Damage You've Done Lyrics

Well I wish I had a dollar
For every piece of my broken heart
Yeah if they gave out a quarter
For every thread of my shattered life
Baby you'd make me a millionaire
But it wouldn't repair

The damage you've done
The damage you've done
The damage you've done to me

Well I wish I was a bluebird
Honey, I'd just fly away
And look down over my shoulder
At the country down below
Baby you make a king
It wouldn't mean a thing
Compare the damage

(Repeat Chorus)

Well I wish I knew you better
I wish I was close to you
Then maybe I would understand exactly what
I never did do. Honey what's wrong?
What's wrong?

Well I wish you kinda liked me. I wish you'd
Spare my pain - Why do you want to destroy
Me baby? What did I do wrong?
Baby I could be a millionaire
And I wouldn't care. After the damage...

(Repeat Chorus)
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May 29, 2001
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