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Been awhile since I've talked to you
Its been a hard and hectic time.
Everything's spinning and I don't know
Exactly what to do.
I know I miss you but your just too far
Time passes so slowly, waiting for you.
I wish I could see you.

I think, wait I know I love you
There's no dubt in my mind
Wish you were here like Brandon sings
Sitting here writing this song
Trying to pass time

Thinking of when we talked everyday
Man, I miss those days
But that t8ime seems so distant
a period lost in time
And I miss you


In front of people I try to be me
But deep down inside I feel different (so different)
I don't know how to ease the pain
In my world I cannot stop the rain
Dark clouds and drops are in my eyes
Makes them so dark, need to turn back time.

Chorus x's 2

(repeat fade)
I love you
I miss you
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May 24, 2002
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