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Closer Than Most Lyrics

Well I can't find the size your eyes are
wide open and you made me laugh a little last night
Yes it was frantic it was young it was sweet but a sweet
worth every bite
Now I'm not normally one to be greedy but I had to be greedy with you
five years six days the whole of the month
wouldn't satisfy my only sweet tooth.


Well it can take many years to forge a friendship,
it can take a lifetime to be close but we took all the shortcuts
used our hearts as a map and we still got closer than most

Hey, hey, hey hey, Hey,

hey hey hey, Hey hey, hey hey Well excuse my staring but its just your looks are
a standard well above myself
Your face might mean zip to you but to me its something else
All I can do is thank you
- I wish that every dream you have will come true
Five years, six years the whole of your life
I'll be wishing further riches for you.


Your desperate, his only chance of a compliment,
he gave the plain the blues
turned supermodel into last years poor I'm god damn
shining your shoesv Now I don't mean to be hod carrier the ugly folks
bad news
But tell Miss World to fly to mars cos she really
doesn't like to lose


I couldn't count the years that I've been waiting
I wouldn't like to guess at what I've been missing
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May 24, 2002
4 Meanings
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Personally I think it's about rushing into a relationship but having a great time doing so. Could be biased though - that's exactly what I did!

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Alright, so I'm having a hard time with this song. Partially because the words keyed in for the lyrics here are wrong, and I can't remember all the right ones. At any rate, I can't come up with an interpretation for the right ones either. Anybody got anything?

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Bodymek - most of the lyrics are correct, give or take a few words. I think this song is about the love of a guy for one of his close friends, she doesn't quite get it and only sees the friendship, using his compliments as a pick me up "Your desperate, his only chance of a compliment". He's just happy to be closer to her than most people are even if it is only as a friend and when he says "I couldn't count the years that I've been waiting I wouldn't like to guess at what I've been missing" I think maybe she's finally given him a chance and he's saying that he's been waiting for this a long time and feels like he has been missing out but it's okay now because he has her.

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I have a slightly different take than Becka_, and I would tend agree with ThatKidSteve. The first two paragraphs clearly suggests a romance based more on sexual attraction, that is if you will consider sweet tooth and sugar rush loaded with meaning. On the other hand, and here's the almost eeriely scientific thing, that it is now well known at times of stress, the body craves for sugar rich snacks, especially when "when" working late nights. Now that may sound far fetched but it is a fact based on genetic research. My whole point is that besides being a song apparently wishing only well, and complimenting an ex-lover, or a partner with whom one has had an intense but difficult and short lived affair, there's always this undercurrent of a disaster brewing.

The song seems to a sort of "Dear Jane" letter (the reverse of a Dear John, that is)... a personal declaration looking for closure;despite the compliments the author of the song has for the subject in question, and those compliments are not to belittled what with his honest opinion about how much he appreciates her looks that even Miss World would be second place to her in his eyes, it's pretty clear that the affair has not worked because the one receiving the compliment has refused to take it as nothing but exaggeration ("...your face might mean zip to you"). In fact, there's a considerable amount of emotional pain and frustration in the way the song is sung: the oblique yet over exaggerated compliments should be heights of romanticism, except they are delivered in a matter of fact style,... and towards the end, it seems the singer even breaks down ...

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