Whatever The Reason Lyrics

never have i seen such beautiful disease. as you flood my heart inside of me. pumping through my veins you see the door. then you show your face there is no more. all the leaves fall to the ground i'm shedding my skin. it's the change of season. for whatever the reason. and she knows what is her. even if that doesn't include me. metamorphasis inside. so it can become we. why won't things change for me. sometimes i think back to where we went wrong. and though this battle i've tried to be strong. and i will never back away from this. she's been my new life since our first kiss. since she came nito my life. things have never been the same. she is my new season. for whatever the reason. and i know. that i could stay. this way forever. but i've seen that she has grown. so tired of me. well she was too good for me.
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May 24, 2002
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