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Always N.y Lyrics

[Intro: Movie sample]
What? You ain't shit!
Why you play that?
You tryin' to ruin my record title?
It was an act of God
I don't know what kind of act it was
I don't want none of that here
You don't stole my t-shirt
Hey, it wasn't me, man
Why ain't you out here arrestin' that man?
You can't let him run out here
It was me, I confess! I confess!
Get lost in a respectable way
A workin' person can't even walk out on the street five minutes
up in this without somethin' happenin'
All you cops don't do nothin'!
You funkier police men, one right behind the other with his hand out
Oh, baby, he's gonna get rid of both of you cats

[Chorus: Buddha Bless]
Ayo, we always gon' hit hands left and right
We always gon' get dumb skets to fight
We always smoke and drink to set shit right
Yo it's always gon' be left, to we lift the light

[Buddha Bless]
We always gon' be thug niggas and see drug figures
Always gon' be stuck on the block, fuckin' with cops
Always gon' get McGirts, liftin' skirts
Turn around and let the click just work
We always gon' be chasin' cash, racin' fast
Like we don't need life yo
It's always gon' be street life
We always gon' bank the dough, spank the hoe
Drink some Mo', you better act like you think you know
It's Always gon' be Queens N.Y
Always gon' be scenes when men die
We always gon' be dumb cops tryin' us
It's always gon' be in Riker's Island
We always gon' be "life is wild"
We always gon' be poved out, mobbed out
With your bitch gettin' dogged out
And the click gettin' slobbed out
Love between thugs, it's love between clubs
It's always gon' be, like the giddy, it's always ownin' me
We always gon' shake the dice, stay laced in ice
Talk the Judas down when we hate the price
Always gon' keep it funky
Always gon' be grungy
We always gon' eat cuz we always gon' be +Hungry+
We always gon' grab the dick, try to bag a chick
And walk around with a grill like we mad at shit
We always gon' be in project hallways
Crowdin' up the doorways, drownin up the Jorday's
We always gon' be naughty
Liberty bassly, forty, niggas be crazy, whodi

[Chorus x0.75]

[Buddha Bless]
Yo it's a..

[Masta Killa]
....warnin', East New York niggas formin'
Beats say +Bang Ya Head+, Sister Sledge
War dance with the wild Apache Indian
Get Tom machine gun, fast car, big engine
Few squads for the back massage, head job
Then it's back to business
Murder one, leave no witness
Snatch mic, bash face and fight
Red light scope at night
Movin' through the Snow dressed in White
It the ninja from the rooftop site
Aim for the brain, snipe from the buildin' across the boulevard
Hit him from a hundred yards
I just got a type from 'Preme behind bars
Peace God, you beat niggas up, I suppose
Sixteen metal machine I still hold
Shoot snud from ear lobe
Fortified rich with +Twelve Jewelz+ of Islam
Walk humble and calm
Newspaper under the arm conceal arms

You want it ruff? That Hellfire stuff?
Poisonous mics, yo make the party jump
Delicious, the funk, make your heart pump
Told ya, soldiers get over to hump
Your arms are too short boy you don't wanna rump
with U-God the grump, van, black truck
Heavy on the grams, every man back up
Niggas act up, let the style spin
This is +Knockout Kings 2000+ again
Let the style in for a few proud men
Clip to project, rugged grain Shaolin
Women in the bed, wolves are fed
Same Wu Chamber that +Bang Ya Head+
Aim with the stainless, hang like dreds
Dirty is the game but the same celebs


Yo, yo, yo
Is it the hate that make me sip the Hennessey straight?
Then go and beat my enemy face, simply erase
Make me hop out the Benz with the Tennessee plates
Make me run up in ya house shoutin', "Empty the safe"
Or could it be love? Make be rock the hoodie and gloves
I wonder if Snoop wasn't Crip, would he be Blood?
Or maybe it's where I'm from, Bushwick
That got me wearin' my gun everywhere that I come
Why your chick got my pubic hair on her tongue
Uh-huh, if you wanna see the light, nigga, stare at the sun
Could it be my older days that give me my colder ways?
Blowin' strays at your rollerblades
Whatever it be, that make me take your leather then flee
Evidently, livin' legal never was me

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo we livin' it, lovin' every minute, won't quit it
Hollow points aim with your first name printed
In it for the money, never did it for love
Made a few enemies, couldn't limit the slugs
Never talk much, got ways of handlin' such
The enforcer, cause the police to rush
On the daily, rarely seen, often heard
You can spot me in the Hill layin' off of the curb
On the verge of snatchin' up ya crown and throne
While I walk through the heart of the Hell and call it home
Shao' borough Commando, style thorough
Wild like a convict lose on the furlough
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May 23, 2002
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